The Crafty Mail Cupid’s Crush February 2017

The Crafty Mail is an Etsy shop that sells planner clips and glitter dipped tumblers.  They also put together a subscription box of items from themselves and other sellers, which is what I went with.  Boxes can be pre-ordered a few month in advance and you’ll know the theme before you buy.  Boxes are $38.47CAD a month or go down quite a bit if you buy more than one at a time.  Shipping is included in the price.  I used to get a similar box a while ago that had a different mix of items and liked it so decided to give this one a try.  The nice thing about boxes like this is that not all of the companies will ship to Canada so you’d never get to have their products any other way.  This month is Cupid’s Crush.

The box was more full than last month so that’s good.  This is a bonus box for me since last months was so small they sent out a free one to make up for it.

20170219_200150They have a card that tells you which Etsy store the items came from.

20170219_200438Cupid’s Helper Herbal Tea by Kiper’s Lil Tea Shop-$2.08

They include a tea bag from this company every month and this one seems like a good one.  It has red rooibos, Catuaba bark, passionflower, linden flower, cacao shells and nibs.  This will be drank up soon.

20170219_200344Stemless Wine Glass by The Crafty Mail-$15.00

I tend to not have wine in these glasses but they work wonderfully for any drink.  This saying is fun and I think it may inspire me to go out and buy some wine just so I can use it.

20170219_200512Planner Stickers by Crafty Beautee-$1.85

How perfect for February are these stickers???  Once again them being out of time is due to my reviewing being behind, not due to shipping taking to long.  I have been using all the one I previously received in my planner and since it has a nice little pocket it can hold onto these for me.

20170219_200416Planner Clip by Heart Of Joy Creations-$3.01

This is lovely and I will use it as a bookmark more than a planner clip.  I have a few of them now so I trade them out every once in a while and they make it sooo much easier to find the correct date page.

Bath Truffle by Camilla Rose Soap Shop-$?

This little guy smells great!  It is Love’s Spell Ice Cream scent and it looks like a little scoop of ice cream.  There are no instructions on it but I’m thinking just a toss into the tub and away we go!

20170219_200428Earrings by The White Purl-$?

These earrings are so tiny!  I can barely crochet at all and this person has made a pair of earrings.  The teal colour is great and they are so light.  The Etsy shop is empty right now so I don’t know what else they make but these are a find.

20170219_200502Planner Pack by Little.Tainted.Cactus-$?

This little pack is cute.  There are the planner stickers you can see on top, a second sheet of stickers, and a Valentine’s Day image.  They are great and fun and cute and when I went to the shop……it’s on a break right now.  So sad!

20170219_200259Mini Wooden Sign by The Honest Asparagus-$9.64

This little sign is great.  It is a little reminder of what is important in life and I’m going to stick it up on a shelf here at home.  It has a weathered appearance and gives off a rustic vibe.

20170219_200537Koozie by Busy Bees Gifts-$6.88

I am getting a bit of a collection of these from boxes.  Summer is coming and there will be a need for them soon. Hopefully.  That is not a given where I live.

This month was great.  There were nine items this month and the glass was the big item.  It all fits into the theme really well and I like all the planner items. Since I couldn’t get values on everything I don’t have a total value this month. I enjoy these mixed boxes a lot and I think will keep this one around for a while.

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