Juneberry February 2017

Juneberry Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends out 4-5 full-sized lifestyle items.  These may include jewellery, accessories, make-up or wellness products.  They are a Canadian company as well.  Boxes start at $28.50 every two months but go down with longer plans.  Shipping within Canada is free.  If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a code for $15.00 off a subscription.  Let’s check out what Juneberry has sent!

The box was quite light this month but it looked like it might have good things in it.

The info card tells us that the theme this month is Elegance.  They have found five items that they feel help you to get there.

Rose Quartz Necklace-$16.00

I think this is a beautiful necklace.  It has a very long chain and it ends up sitting about a third of the way down my chest.  The rectangle of quartz is a good size but it doesn’t seem big.  This will get worn often and is a great start to the box.

20170219_194025Handmade Ring Dish-$14.00

In person, this looks every bit handmade and not it a good way.  It’s rustic to put it politely, or something my kids made to not.  I’ll use it but it’ll be put in a drawer and hidden from view.

20170219_194011Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Sanitizer-$2.00

This is from B&BW and while I don’t know how it fits the theme, I always have at least two bottles of this on my person at all times.  Kids touch everything and then eat things right after so in the hopes of not having the plague run through the house on a monthly basis, we go through this stuff all the time.

20170219_194044Patterned Notebook-$5.00

This is a lovely lined notebook.  The gold dots are shimmery and keep it fun.  The paper feels high quality and while it’s not cardstock thick it is thicker than plain paper.

20170219_194055Julep Nail Polish in April-$14.00

I’ve used the Julep polishes before and they are great.  This shade is an orangey-red that will be very fun in summer or on my toes any time of the year.

They have been sending out very different things from month to month so it’s always a surprise what I’m going to find when I open this one up.  The value this month is $51.00.  Shipping is quick as well due to them being a Canadian company.  If you want to check them out click here.

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