Geek Fuel February 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box that caters to the nerds, geeks, and gamers.  Every month they ship out a t-shirt, games, and collectibles.  There is a code for a downloadable game, exclusive gear, everyday items, and some neat collectibles.  This is actually a box that ships from the UK, so I have high hopes of fueling my Doctor Who and Sherlock obsessions.  Boxes start at $29.90 a month, shipping included.  I had held off on getting this one for a long time because that is higher than I like to spend on a box a month but then it showed up on Groupon so I jumped on it.  You got a welcome box plus three months of regular Geek Fuel boxes for $75.00.  The deal doesn’t seem to be on anymore but I would keep checking if you’re interested since they do get repeated occasionally.

This is my first actual box from them so I wasn’t too sure what type of things I would be getting.  First look gives me Carrie Fisher.  Considering her recent passing and the fact that she is a bit of a geek icon, it works.

GeekFuel Magazine Issue #24

It seems that they have their own magazine.  Inside are reviews and guides and thoughts about current geek topics.

They do have an info card.  It was buried at the bottom of the box but I found it in the end.  It tells you about the items you received and also lists the options if there was more than one possible item.

Epic Enamels Pin He-Bot Edition

These pins seem like they are in every box and I could just do without them.  This one is very cute and who doesn’t love He-Man, but I have no place to put them or reason to wear them.  You could have also received one of the limited edition Skele-Fuel.

Ninja Pizza Girl Downloadable Steam Game

I did try the caveman game from the last box and while it was okay, I didn’t stick with it.  I’m thinking this will be the same.  You need to deliver pizzas while battling bullies and your own self-esteem.

20170213_140216Qfig Collectable Figurine Green Arrow

This little guy is cute.  I have not seen this brand of figures before but they seem good.  You could have received 1 of 4 different ones.  I like that he’s all recliny and sassy.

Rupee Soap

These smell very strongly.  I have no clue what they smell like but each one is different.  They come in the treasure chest box and even though it is filled with formed foam, there is still slight damage on each one.  These will be used but since I have an abundance of soap right now it could be a while.

20170213_140520Rebel Droid Shirt

If you’ve read me for a while you know don’t do Star Wars.  I can’t even give this shirt to my husband because it’s a woman’s fitted.  I guess I’ll just have to fake it and wear this and hope no one asks about it.

20170213_140155There was also a Leia pin in the box.  It’s not on the card so it must be a bonus item.

I think I might be disappointed with this box.  I can say that I’m very glad I got this at a discount instead of buying it as a regular box.  The items are interesting but not really for me.  It is more geared to gamers I think.  I have two more boxes before my plan runs out so  I hope they get better!

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