The Penalty Box January 2017

The Penalty Box is a monthly subscription that sends out items for hockey players.  They promise to include basic items, skills training, performance wear, and deals.  They offer two different plans, The Minor Leaguer and The Penalty Box.  Whichever one you choose, you then get to pick from three age levels, Age 13 and Under, 13+, and Beer Leaguer, which determines the items that will be in your box.  Prices start at $29.99 a month and go up from there.  They also do a Grab Bag for $21.99 a month that is a mix of anything. They have an online shop that sells some items individually as well.  My Hubby has been after me for a while to find him a box and one that is hockey related to boot.  That has been impossible until this one so let’s see if we can make him happy with whatever is inside. I also want to mention that I only know things about hockey that have been absorbed by osmosis so if I’m wildly off in describing something, that’s why.

The box was very full and they included a card this month instead of the paper like last time.

On the front of the card is a story about a tragedy that occurred, killing two young hockey players.  It goes on to state that one of the items in the box is a tribute to them.  O the back is this list of possible box inclusions.

20170125_173658Assorted Howie’s Hockey Tape-$7.00 (black) $5.00 (maroon)

The maroon tape is the item that was included to honour the boys.  It is the colour of their team and they hope you’ll use it in solidarity.  It just so happens that my Hubby’s team colours are also that so this is actually a great roll for him.  The black roll is friction tape.  It is tacky on both sides so you can have better puck control as you play.

20170125_173738AR Hockey Wrist Guards-$30.00?

These are terry cloth bands with molded plastic inserts so your wrist stays protected.  I took the pricing of Amazon for these since the actual site is wholesale only and don’t have any pricing.  I don’t know if Hubby uses these or not when he plays but it seems like a useful thing to include.

20170125_173709Toe Tape-It-$5.99

For some reason, I think these are the things this month that Hubby really wants to get his hands on.  He normally uses regular stick tape bent over the end but these replace that by fitting right onto the curve.

20170125_173725Tough Terrys Blade Protectors-$9.99

These seem to come in many different colours and this would be on of the last I would pick.  They are reinforced with polypropylene inside and out and terry cloth on the sides.  They are made to protect your skate blade while also wicking away the moisture.

20170125_173613Howies Koozie-$5.00

I’m thinking this will have a home in the locker room for after games.  I personally love the Howies logo and think he’s adorable.

20170125_173632Sklz Reaction Ball-$15.99

This is really made for baseball players.  It has all those bumps that make the bounces unpredictable.  It does say that it’s good for training for all sports.  They seem to throw in one item a month that has nothing to do with hockey but I don’t mind.

20170125_173622Hockey Equipment Deodorizers-$8.00

These are not on the info card but they are my personal favourite item in the box.  I’m lucky that my Hubby is very conscious about washing his gear so it doesn’t smell.  That being said we still have a bunch of gear in our basement and I will tuck these into it myself if he doesn’t.  They have a mint scent to them.


Biosteel High-Performance Sports Mix-$1.33 x 2

These drink powders are sugar, caffeine, and gluten free.  They provide energy and reduce muscle and mental fatigue.  I find it amusing that they attached the tubes to the card with hockey tape.  These guys are all hockey all the time.

I wasn’t sure what types of things this box would send out and whether or not my hubby would like it.  Turns out, this is everything he could want in a hockey box.  It gave him a bunch of useful items that he would be buying anyways, plus some things that are helpful to his game.  This box had a value of $89.63, which is higher than I paid for the box but I’m not sure if the price on the guards is right.  I have a few more months to go and then we’ll see if we renew.  I know Hubs is thrilled and wants it to be one we keep so we might have to work out a deal where I get back rubs or something.  If you want to check them out visit

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