The Crafty Mail Cupid’s Crush February 2017

The Crafty Mail is an Etsy shop that sells planner clips and glitter dipped tumblers.  They also put together a subscription box of items from themselves and other sellers, which is what I went with.  Boxes can be pre-ordered a few month in advance and you’ll know the theme before you buy.  Boxes are $38.47CAD a month or go down quite a bit if you buy more than one at a time.  Shipping is included in the price.  I used to get a similar box a while ago that had a different mix of items and liked it so decided to give this one a try.  The nice thing about boxes like this is that not all of the companies will ship to Canada so you’d never get to have their products any other way.  This month is Cupid’s Crush.

The box was more full than last month so that’s good.  This is a bonus box for me since last months was so small they sent out a free one to make up for it.

20170219_200150They have a card that tells you which Etsy store the items came from.

20170219_200438Cupid’s Helper Herbal Tea by Kiper’s Lil Tea Shop-$2.08

They include a tea bag from this company every month and this one seems like a good one.  It has red rooibos, Catuaba bark, passionflower, linden flower, cacao shells and nibs.  This will be drank up soon.

20170219_200344Stemless Wine Glass by The Crafty Mail-$15.00

I tend to not have wine in these glasses but they work wonderfully for any drink.  This saying is fun and I think it may inspire me to go out and buy some wine just so I can use it.

20170219_200512Planner Stickers by Crafty Beautee-$1.85

How perfect for February are these stickers???  Once again them being out of time is due to my reviewing being behind, not due to shipping taking to long.  I have been using all the one I previously received in my planner and since it has a nice little pocket it can hold onto these for me.

20170219_200416Planner Clip by Heart Of Joy Creations-$3.01

This is lovely and I will use it as a bookmark more than a planner clip.  I have a few of them now so I trade them out every once in a while and they make it sooo much easier to find the correct date page.

Bath Truffle by Camilla Rose Soap Shop-$?

This little guy smells great!  It is Love’s Spell Ice Cream scent and it looks like a little scoop of ice cream.  There are no instructions on it but I’m thinking just a toss into the tub and away we go!

20170219_200428Earrings by The White Purl-$?

These earrings are so tiny!  I can barely crochet at all and this person has made a pair of earrings.  The teal colour is great and they are so light.  The Etsy shop is empty right now so I don’t know what else they make but these are a find.

20170219_200502Planner Pack by Little.Tainted.Cactus-$?

This little pack is cute.  There are the planner stickers you can see on top, a second sheet of stickers, and a Valentine’s Day image.  They are great and fun and cute and when I went to the shop……it’s on a break right now.  So sad!

20170219_200259Mini Wooden Sign by The Honest Asparagus-$9.64

This little sign is great.  It is a little reminder of what is important in life and I’m going to stick it up on a shelf here at home.  It has a weathered appearance and gives off a rustic vibe.

20170219_200537Koozie by Busy Bees Gifts-$6.88

I am getting a bit of a collection of these from boxes.  Summer is coming and there will be a need for them soon. Hopefully.  That is not a given where I live.

This month was great.  There were nine items this month and the glass was the big item.  It all fits into the theme really well and I like all the planner items. Since I couldn’t get values on everything I don’t have a total value this month. I enjoy these mixed boxes a lot and I think will keep this one around for a while.

Bonjour Jolie TOM Box January 2017

Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month box that sends you your necessary items plus some other products to make you feel a little better during that special time.  You give them some information about your period and then select the 25 items you need in any variation of pads, liners or tampons.  They have a wide selection of brands, so no matter what you use they can cover you. They also include a gift, bath and body items, teas and drinks, candy and snacks, some wipes and if you want, some Advil.  Boxes shipped to Canada are $24.50 a month but do decrease somewhat if you order in 3 or 6-month plans.  You can also add on some extras like heating pads or more Advil for additional costs.  I haven’t received this subscription in a while and decided to give it another go since I had enjoyed it so much the first time around.  Unfortunately, it has been nothing but a problem since. They have now extended my plan until May to make up for any missing boxes but I don’t have any expectations and just go with what I get.

The box was well filled but whatever is in the jar in the lower left has leaked.  Thankfully everything comes in its own little bag and nothing was damaged.

20170219_194220They have a large card that details the items you will find in the box.  It breaks them down by categories and gives info and pricing on some of it.

20170219_194739The Gift-$9.99

This month is a journal and bookmark.  The pages inside are blank and they recommend jotting your resolutions or ideas in it.

20170219_194700The Pampering-$8.99

This is the item that has made such a mess in the box.  It is a coffee body scrub made by Bonjour Jolie.  It really smells of coffee and even though it leaked the scrub inside is still soft and usable.

20170219_194838The Reason

The assortment of pads and tampons is what I chose and I have no complaints.

20170219_194925These are the other essentials you get.  Some pain medication and some wipes, just to get you through.

The Edibles-$6.00

They include a good mix of snack items in the box.  There is a Take 5 bar, Haribo Gold Bears, Oreo Cookies, Keebler Fudge Stripes, and Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch bars.  There is also 3 Touch Organic tea bags.  All of these things are stuff that I crave most of the month, not just for one week.

This box is better than last months. They seem to be back on track with how they normally are. I enjoy discovering some of the things besides the feminine items.  The value this month is around $25.00 but no one is buying this box for the value.  With a coupon and a trip to the grocery store, I can get more products for less but the little helpers are a way to not have to think about the reason for the box.  It’s also one less thing to remember to buy if you have them delivered.

Juneberry February 2017

Juneberry Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends out 4-5 full-sized lifestyle items.  These may include jewellery, accessories, make-up or wellness products.  They are a Canadian company as well.  Boxes start at $28.50 every two months but go down with longer plans.  Shipping within Canada is free.  If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a code for $15.00 off a subscription.  Let’s check out what Juneberry has sent!

The box was quite light this month but it looked like it might have good things in it.

The info card tells us that the theme this month is Elegance.  They have found five items that they feel help you to get there.

Rose Quartz Necklace-$16.00

I think this is a beautiful necklace.  It has a very long chain and it ends up sitting about a third of the way down my chest.  The rectangle of quartz is a good size but it doesn’t seem big.  This will get worn often and is a great start to the box.

20170219_194025Handmade Ring Dish-$14.00

In person, this looks every bit handmade and not it a good way.  It’s rustic to put it politely, or something my kids made to not.  I’ll use it but it’ll be put in a drawer and hidden from view.

20170219_194011Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Sanitizer-$2.00

This is from B&BW and while I don’t know how it fits the theme, I always have at least two bottles of this on my person at all times.  Kids touch everything and then eat things right after so in the hopes of not having the plague run through the house on a monthly basis, we go through this stuff all the time.

20170219_194044Patterned Notebook-$5.00

This is a lovely lined notebook.  The gold dots are shimmery and keep it fun.  The paper feels high quality and while it’s not cardstock thick it is thicker than plain paper.

20170219_194055Julep Nail Polish in April-$14.00

I’ve used the Julep polishes before and they are great.  This shade is an orangey-red that will be very fun in summer or on my toes any time of the year.

They have been sending out very different things from month to month so it’s always a surprise what I’m going to find when I open this one up.  The value this month is $51.00.  Shipping is quick as well due to them being a Canadian company.  If you want to check them out click here.

Paper & Pen February 2017

Paper & Pen is a monthly subscription box that promises to send out 3-4 paper goods and supplies each month.  They pick items from around the globe and send those unique items to you.  Boxes start at $20 a month but go down with longer plans.  Shockingly for me, shipping is free!  Let’s see what they sent out!

I like that this one comes all wrapped up in tissue paper.  It shows that someone actually took the time to put it together, instead of just tossing everything into a bubble envelope and hoping it get there.

Harvest Paper Co. Imprinted Pencils-$6.00

These mint green pencils are great.  They all say the same thing, “Skills to Pay The Bills”.  They are a #2 graphite pencil encased in California cedar wood.  I love using a “regular” pencil over a mechanical one so I’m happy to get these.  They will be cute to use at work as well and see if anyone notices.

20170308_174331Bloomwolf Studio Buttons-$6.00

This button pack is called the Flamingo Pack.  They say to use these to decorate your backpack or give as gifts.  I’m not really sure that either of those would work for me but the images are cute and I can probably find something to do with them.  They will live in my ephemera stash until the one magical day I can’t live without them.

20170308_174340Quill & Fox Notepad-$8.00

This notepad looks lovely.  All of the pages are like the one on top and they are slightly thicker than standard paper.  There are 50 pages in the pad and they are plain white on the back.  Because of the image, they are maybe smaller in usable space than others but you could easily write over the image if you need that space.

I’ve been happy with this box.  There is not a tonne of stuff in it but that was made clear in their info. I was able to find pricing for all the items this month and the value of the box is $20.00. I like that some of the products are from smaller companies and Etsy companies.  It shows that they really do search out interesting items instead of just buying lots off Amazon.

Teacher’s Black Box February 2017

Teacher’s  Black Box is a box of items which will include “basic and innovative supplies to enhance their educational impact”.  Now I am not a teacher but if you put a chance to get stationery in front of me, there’s only a small chance I’ll turn it down.  They also say there will be a snack in every box.  Boxes start at $20.00 but go down with longer terms.  Normally the shipping on this one would have stopped me from ordering but they were offering a promo code “ONETIME” that gave you free shipping on orders over $50.  That code is still valid so make sure you use it if you want to sign up.  Let’s see what joy they have delivered to me today.

20170219_195131The box is very Valentine’s themed.  There are hearts and pink and red and white papers everywhere.  It is also very heavy.

20170219_195148First out are some mini glue sticks.  I have a regular glue gun but not a mini one.  These ones are non-yellowing, which is great.  I can’t wait to burn my fingers on these!

20170219_195159These are packs of four crayons.  I love the Peanuts pictures on them too.  These will be great to take on trips or when we know we’ll need to wait and keep little fingers amused. SO cute.

20170219_195229Sticking with Peanuts, we have two pencils with the characters on them.  One is straight Snoopy with hearts and the other is Lucy and Snoopy with hearts.  I actually prefer a normal pencil over a mechanical one so I’m happy to add more to my stash of them.

20170219_195244These are two small Valentine’s with pins on them.  I have many years of giving out Valentine’s in my future so these are two less I will have to buy.

20170219_195254All lollipops go straight into the treat bag for the girls.  These are cute in the heart shape and I’m thinking that they will be chosen very shortly.

20170219_195311How great that they gave me the gun to go with the glue sticks! This will be so much easier to use on crafts than the full sized one I have already.

20170219_195353Holy crap… electric pencil sharpener!  There is no way I ever thought this would show up in a box.  I am not entirely sure that I really need one of these but I do know that I want it.  I think I may take this to work or maybe I’ll keep it on the desk at home until the girls are big enough to use it.

This month was better than last time for me.  A few of the things are really great and a couple are not for me, but that’s only because I’m not a teacher.  I can see how these things would be useful for a teacher and they also work well for those of us who love these things.  I’m not sure how any of these particular items are innovative but maybe I’m missing that part of it.   You can find this box on CrateJoy if you are interested.

Beauteque BB Bag January 2017

The Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly subscription that sends you out 6-8 full sized products from make-up, skincare, beauty tools, body care, hair care, or lifestyle products.  It is Asian beauty products that are included and I love all the odd things they include.  They do offer a mask only bag as well that will send you 9-11 masks.  Bags start at $24 or $15 for the masks and do go down with longer plans. Shipping to here was $6.95/month. I have yet to get this bag and have everything for the month fit in the actual bag.  It comes bubble wrapped safely in a cardboard box.

Once again there is something hiding under the bag in the bottom of the box.  There was bubble wrap on the top to protect things from bouncing around.

The theme this month is Beauty Resolutions, which fits with a January box.  The card lists all the items, a bit about them, how to use them, and prices for them.  It also shows you any variations in items that might be shipped.

20170213_135754Scinic It’s Tint Lip Balm-$4.99

I guess when I read balm I think it’s going to be subtle.  This is anything but.  It is very bright and very pink and wow.  It has avocado and jojoba seed oils and shea butter to keep your lips soft.

20170213_135834Deoproce Cleanbello Collagen Essential Moisture Cream-$19.99

This is a day or night cream that smells great and has the bonus of hydrating and protecting your skin.  It has hydrolyzed collagen, pearl extract, and sea water to plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

20170213_135716Eyebrow Trimming Scissors-$5.00

I wonder if my hubby would let me use on his brows first?  I like the idea of these but I’m wary of having a very odd brow issue if it goes wrong.  You put the brush side against your skin and then trim the excess hairs that stick out.

20170213_135638Mohani Perfect Damage Care Baobab Perfume Shampoo-$11.99

This shampoo is supposed to reverse damage on your hair.  It should add moisture and promote regeneration of hair cells.  It has a strong smell but that doesn’t bother me in a shampoo at all.

20170213_135704Mohani Perfect Damage Care Baobab Perfume Body Wash-$11.99

I got pretty excited thinking that they had sent a shampoo and conditioner……crushed again……this is body wash.  It has all the same benefits as the shampoo above but it moisturises skin.

20170213_135915Anskin Premium Modeling Mask-$15.00

This giant bag of powder is a lifting and firming mask.  You mix 2 parts of the powder to one part water and apply a thick layer.  You leave it on for 15-20 minutes.  You then peel it off, apply toner, and go.  This amount will last forever.

20170213_135615I missed showing you the bag up above so here it is.  It is shiny zigzag plastic and big enough to hold many things.

This month’s value is $68.96, which is fabulous.  I’ve had a bit of regret with a few boxes lately but this one is not one of those! I like that there was a great mix of makeup and skincare.  As I noted last month,  I have already seen all the spoilers for next month because they send them out, which I don’t care for.  I want to be surprised and usually, avoid the spoilers from other people so it’s frustrating to get the emails.  I choose to delete them without opening.



Geek Fuel February 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box that caters to the nerds, geeks, and gamers.  Every month they ship out a t-shirt, games, and collectibles.  There is a code for a downloadable game, exclusive gear, everyday items, and some neat collectibles.  This is actually a box that ships from the UK, so I have high hopes of fueling my Doctor Who and Sherlock obsessions.  Boxes start at $29.90 a month, shipping included.  I had held off on getting this one for a long time because that is higher than I like to spend on a box a month but then it showed up on Groupon so I jumped on it.  You got a welcome box plus three months of regular Geek Fuel boxes for $75.00.  The deal doesn’t seem to be on anymore but I would keep checking if you’re interested since they do get repeated occasionally.

This is my first actual box from them so I wasn’t too sure what type of things I would be getting.  First look gives me Carrie Fisher.  Considering her recent passing and the fact that she is a bit of a geek icon, it works.

GeekFuel Magazine Issue #24

It seems that they have their own magazine.  Inside are reviews and guides and thoughts about current geek topics.

They do have an info card.  It was buried at the bottom of the box but I found it in the end.  It tells you about the items you received and also lists the options if there was more than one possible item.

Epic Enamels Pin He-Bot Edition

These pins seem like they are in every box and I could just do without them.  This one is very cute and who doesn’t love He-Man, but I have no place to put them or reason to wear them.  You could have also received one of the limited edition Skele-Fuel.

Ninja Pizza Girl Downloadable Steam Game

I did try the caveman game from the last box and while it was okay, I didn’t stick with it.  I’m thinking this will be the same.  You need to deliver pizzas while battling bullies and your own self-esteem.

20170213_140216Qfig Collectable Figurine Green Arrow

This little guy is cute.  I have not seen this brand of figures before but they seem good.  You could have received 1 of 4 different ones.  I like that he’s all recliny and sassy.

Rupee Soap

These smell very strongly.  I have no clue what they smell like but each one is different.  They come in the treasure chest box and even though it is filled with formed foam, there is still slight damage on each one.  These will be used but since I have an abundance of soap right now it could be a while.

20170213_140520Rebel Droid Shirt

If you’ve read me for a while you know don’t do Star Wars.  I can’t even give this shirt to my husband because it’s a woman’s fitted.  I guess I’ll just have to fake it and wear this and hope no one asks about it.

20170213_140155There was also a Leia pin in the box.  It’s not on the card so it must be a bonus item.

I think I might be disappointed with this box.  I can say that I’m very glad I got this at a discount instead of buying it as a regular box.  The items are interesting but not really for me.  It is more geared to gamers I think.  I have two more boxes before my plan runs out so  I hope they get better!

Loves It Newfoundland Box February 2017

Loves It is a box of Newfoundland sourced, hand crafted, home made items.  They are proudly sending out boxes of items they purchase from those local suppliers so that they can show off the greatness of their artists, crafters, and businesses.  They offer both a Standard or a Premium box and monthly or quarterly subscriptions.  Boxes start at $35.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  There will be 4-7 items per box and they say they will range in value from $40-$75.  I am always on the lookout for Canadian boxes and so while I’m not from Newfoundland nor have I ever been there I was still interested in this box.

The box was heavy on one side and missing the normal warning about cutting down.

20170227_192549Miniature Moose Necklace-$20.00

This is so CUTE!!!!  I love this necklace.  Velvet Snow, the business, has some really beautiful and fun things on their site.  I could easily spend a bunch of money there. It has an antique brass finish and is on an 18″ chain.  So happy with this.

Newfoundland Quickies 7 Fine Art Postcards by Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara-$8.00

These are lovely.  They are all prints of original acrylic paintings done by the artist.  I use postcards and having interesting ones that are unique is great.  I think this is a perfect addition to a box like this.  It is a useful product that shows off a homegrown talent.  This is a duplicate item from April of last year.

20170227_192638Puffin Car Decal

I’m so torn on this one.  I really like it but I’m not sure I should have a puffin decal, having never been to Newfoundland.  I’ll have to think on this one.

20170227_192657Mewfoundland Purrfections Cat Toy

How cute is this catnip toy?  We don’t have any cats so this doesn’t work for us but I like it and find it adorable.  Do you think I could get away with it just being a decoration????

20170227_192710Spoon Rest

This couldn’t have come at a better time.  We had Tupperware ones and they got a touch too close to the burners and now we have none. I need a spoon rest badly!  Now that it’s been painted, it is no longer dishwasher safe but I can still hand wash it and put it to good use.

This was my last box from Loves It and as normal, I still never have any clue what to expect to be in it besides it all being from Newfoundland.  There is a good mix of products. I just wish for a few of the thing that they would tell me what or why it was included. Value is always hard for this box as I don’t always know where things are from. Only one of the items this month is a duplicate so that is way better than last time.  I will still let them know since they have specifically asked about it.  If you want to check them out click here to go to their site.

L.V.Kiki February 2017

L.V.Kiki is a monthly subscription box of 4-6 fashion accessories.  You can either sign up for the plans or if you want to see what type of things they send out you can order a one-off trial box.  The boxes may include jewellery, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, legwear, belts, and hair accessories. Boxes start at $19.00 per month and shipping to here was less than $1.00 per month.  I was in the market for an accessories box and after finding a discount code for this one I got it at a great price. Shipping is always super quick and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

The box was a little heavier this month than it can sometimes be so I wasn’t sure what to expect.The first peek gave me a toque and glimpses of things that as yet are a mystery.

20170208_175146First up we have the toque.  It is white with silver threads and a big pom-pom.  It is snug on me but not small and has something in it all toques should have……a fuzzy lining around the bottom.  It stops you from getting that itch and crazy knit pattern transferred to your forehead.

In one of the little bags, this time was a Partners In Crime friendship keychain set and a hair clip.  The keychains don’t seem like something trendy and I don’t really care to have them in the box.  I like the clip and it holds my hair up so it’s a win.

In the other bag, we have a pair of earrings and a collection of rings.  I think these earrings are very pretty and look forward to wearing them.  They have a thin pink thread looped through the small hoops on the earring and a pink rhinestone on the top.  They rings have a wide variety of sizes so they fit on many of my fingers.  Usually, at least one of them is crazy small and goes to the girls but this time they all fit somewhere.  There are seven rings in total.

20170208_175504I think this is the first time I’ve received a purse from them.  They’ve sent me bags before but never a purse.  This one is a good size for going out when I don’t need to have the “mom purse” full of anything I could possibly ever need.  Inside it has two smaller pouches inside that would hold my phone and a pack of gum.  It will hold my wallet as well and a few other essentials.  It has a long strap so you can wear it crossbody.

20170208_175540This wide pleather belt is headed straight for the donation bin.  It does fit but it is so far from anything I would ever wear that there is no point in keeping it.  If I had a tiny waist and a penchant for dresses then I could pull this off.  Since none of that happens in the real world, this will go far away from me.

20170208_175629I hate leggings.  They are not made for people who are not size 0.  I don’t know if these will even fit…they are a M/L but the waistband is less stretchy than the material itself is.  Who wears a rose floral pattern out in public, though???

20170208_175653This scarf is redeeming the box for me.  It is an infinity scarf and has three colours knitted together.  It doubles up perfectly and fits close to my neck so it’ll keep me warm.  It is thick and if it had matched the toque it would be perfect.  As it is, it does match a few other outer gear items I have so it will be put to use tomorrow.

All of the items come with the L.V.Kiki brand tags on them so there is no way to value them.  I have a few misses with items in these boxes but it’s just one of two of the things, never a whole box.   It almost seems like a steal at the prices I paid.  If the rest of my boxes are as good as this one was for me I will be more than happy.  I think this will be one of those boxes that is a great find!




White Willow February 2017

White Willow is a monthly lifestyle box that sends out surprise items from beauty, fashion, home, culinary, or all around lifestyle themes.  They ship out four to five items and are a Canadian company.  That makes me so happy I was okay paying slightly more than I normally would for a box.  They promise a value of $70, so let’s hope they meet that.  Subscriptions start at $35 a month but do go down a bit with longer plans.  Shipping to here is $8.50/month.  They are changing all that up starting now.  If you subscribe now you will get boxes every other month.  Anyone who was already on a plan will continue to get boxes monthly until their time is up.

The box feels a little lighter than it has other months but I know with this one that doesn;t mean it’s a bad box.  I couldn’t see very much through the squiggles so it stays a surprise.

They have a very great info card with this box.  It is beautiful and inside they tell you all about your items.

Fragrance Medallion by D.L. & Co.-$34.00

There were two scents that you could have received and I got the Lady Rhubarb.  It smells nice and I think it would be the better of the two.  This is a ceramic disc that is made to be hung or placed in small spaces like closets or drawers.  You add a couple of drops of the oil to the disc every few weeks to keep it smelly.

Gold Foil Polka Dots Plate-$19.00

It says you can serve food on this but I wouldn’t.  It is hand wash only and I’ll be adding it to my jewellery drawer as a catch-all for little things.  I think the pattern is fun and the dish is delicate and I like it.

Playing Footsie Foot Soak by Barefoot Venus-$16.25

I love the Barefoot Venus brand and am happy to get anything from them.  It does have coconut milk in it and the smell is soft and pretty.  It has a lot in this jar so it will give many foot soaks.  I probably should use them more in the winter when my feet are abused but I think I’ll save it for summer when my feet are on display a whole lot more.

20170209_180432Lip Macaron by MOR Australia-$14.00

This was another item that had multiple flavour options and I got Lychee Flower.  It smells great and feels lovely on my lips.  It has a few different oils in it to do basically everything you could want to make your lips amazing.  It also adds a slight shine so you can use it as a finishing lip product.

20170209_180359Carmello Pocket Chocolate Bar by Urge Chocolates-$5.00

How can you be unhappy getting chocolate?  This bar has a creamy caramel layer in between dark chocolate and topped with sea salt.  It is smaller than a normal bar but I think it will satisfy those cravings that sometimes happen for chocolate.

The value this time is $88.25.  This month had items I ike, and will use. I think it was a good combination of things to break up your Winter and yet keep you prepared.   Sometimes you find things you can no longer live without and sometimes not so much.  I am always happy to find a Canadian box and this one is a good one! If you want to try them out click here.