Miss Tutii Tutiibag December 2016

Miss Tutii is an Asian beauty subscription that offers a few different options.  You can choose from the TutiiBox, TutiiBag, or the TutiiMask.  Plans start at $12.00 and there is a shipping charge to Canada.  They ship out popular or trending items from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  Your package may include skincare, makeup, hair care, beauty tools, or body and you can expect 4-5 deluxe or full sized items.   The TutiiBag is just a smaller version of the TutiiBox so if you subscribed to both you will get duplicates.

20170130_180607Inside of a bright pink bubble mailer bag, you will find this organza bag.  It is usually filled pretty well and this month is no different.

20170130_180623On the back of the card, you can see in the first picture is an instruction sheet on how to use a face mask.  They give you tips on the ways to use them and also how to finish off so you feel fully rejuvenated.

20170130_180640Holika Holika Soothing Gel 99% Aloe

Normally the back of the card tells you about the items so I’m going to have to guess on them this time.  This aloe gel will be useful in the summer for treating over-sunned skin.  It soaked in fast and didn’t leave any residue.

20170130_180652Zymogen Serum

This seems to be a fermented serum.  It is thin like a toner so that’s how I’m going to use it.  It does have a strong scent but since it’ll be under many other layers of creams and potions I have no problem with it.

20170130_180709Saemmul Real Tint

I think this is a lip stain.  It becomes pretty permanent once you apply it so I guess if you used it for a cheek tint or on your lips you best get it right the first time.  It is a darker pink shade but works well for me on my lips.

20170130_180718A’pieu Sweet Peach Hand Cream

This smells amazing!  It is so light and fresh and peachy.  I want to wear this all the time now that I’ve put it on.  This one is not going to get shoved to the side but used up once I get it on my shelf.  Just wow!

20170130_180727Dearpacker Jeju Flower Mask

I can tell you nothing about what this mask will do for me as all of the writing on it is not in English.  It is a sheet mask I can tell from the pictures and I leave it on for 10-20 minutes but that’s all I got.

I’m still liking this bag! The items are useful and there is a good mix of products.  I did get makeup this month, so that’s a bonus.  There is nothing in this one that I would want to swap so I’ll have to try that feature out later.  This month value is unknown.   I like getting the Asian beauty products and it’s been a while since I got many so this subscription should be a fun one.


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