Love With Food Deluxe January 2017

Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that sends out organic, all-natural, or gluten free snacks.  They want to help you to “Snack smart and Do good.”  They donate a portion of their proceeds to organisations that help end child hunger.  They offer three box types but only two are available in Canada.  You can get the Deluxe box or the Gluten Free box, starting at $16.50 a month.  Shipping right now is $3.99 a month since they just opened up international shipping.  If you really like your coworkers they have an office box for $99.  You’ll get 16-20 snacks a month,  meals given to children, and points earned to redeem for boxes or snacks.  I love getting snacks in the mail and to find ones that won’t completely destroy my weight loss attempts is a good thing.  I’ve been watching this one for a while and was so glad they now ship to Canada.  Let’s open it up and see if the wait was worth it.

I’m getting closer to where I should be with this box!  This is January’s and I was a little concerned since the right side of the box looks like it was soaked with something.  Opening it up, I could see nothing damaged or leaking so I guess it was all good.

The theme for this month is Seize The Day.  It’s all about making changes and resolutions by implementing new routines and habits.

20170224_194722Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Waffle

I have no idea what kind of odd waffle this is but it’s chocolate.  It has no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, or HFCS.  It kind of seems like it’s an energy bar.

20170224_194730Goodie Girl Quinoa Choco-Chip Cookies

I’ve had these before and while they will never take the place of a “real” chocolate chip cookie, they do in a pinch.  They are gluten free and only 130 calories for the package.

20170224_194744Emmy’s Organics Organic Coconut Cookie

They sent two flavours of this, vanilla bean and dark cacao.  They feel like a chewy cookie through the package.  I like coconut and I’m hoping these will be similar to a macaroon.

20170224_194813Silettante Chocolate Covered Toffee

They always seem to include a group of small candies in the box.  This month there is three of these in Creamy Latte, Mocha, and Espresso.  I guess that makes them coffee candies.  These will be good when I just need a quick fix to get me through a craving.

20170224_194823Creme de Piroline Cream Filled Wafers

OMG!!!! I love these things!  You can normally only find them at Christmas around here and I never buy them because I will eat the whole package at one time.  This is a little pack of two, with a dark chocolate filling.  I’m going to hide these away and savour them one day when I get a few minutes alone.

20170224_194833Red Plate Foods Free From Vegan Granola

This granola looks good.  It is made wit oats, applesauce, cranberries, maple syrup, and some spices.  I think this will be delicious added to my morning yogurt and might be more filling than the plain yogurt I’ve been eating.

20170224_194841Aloha Daily Good Greens Dietary Supplement

I have stopped drinking smoothies so I’m not sure when I will use this up.  It is chocolate flavoured.  I simply canot just add it to water and drink it.

20170224_194857Door County Original Potato Chips

Who doesn’t love chips?  These are kettle chips that have only three ingredients, potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt.  I’m hoping these are super crisp and salty, just the way chips should be!

20170224_194918Dave’s Sweet Tooth Crunch

I have had the milk chocolate version of this before and holy cow it’s good.  The peanut butter one is probably just as good.  I’m both sad and glad that the packages are small this time.

20170224_194929Thinables Cinnamon Swirl Cookies

These look interesting.  This whole bag only has 100 calories!  They feel super tiny through the packaging but as long as the taste is big, that’s what matters.

Truvia Sweetener Samples

They sent out a box of seven packets of granular sweetener and 2 packets of Nectar.  I have a confession to make…..I think stevia tastes horrible.  I have never tried this brand before but I’m so wary!  The Nectar might be better since it’s blended with honey but stevia changes the taste of everything you put it in.  It tastes to me like a chemical even though I know it’s less of one then whatever makes up Splenda.

20170224_194952Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Crackers

These organic Maple Carrot Crisp crackers are puzzle shaped so you can play with your food as you eat.  They have Vitamins A, B, C, and D and are non-GMO and nut free.I’m not sure if the girls will eat them but I know I probably will.

20170224_195110Prince of Peace Ginger Candy and Ginger Honey Crystals Instant Tea

I know ginger candies are good for you but I don’t really like the taste of them.  I think I might save these for a day I feel nauseated.  The instant tea will probably be good but again it would not be my first choice.

My sisth box gave me even more of the things I love to eat.  I am so happy to be getting this box and finding snacks that are at least in the realm of better for me.  They have great shipping notices and the boxes come wrapped in plastic so no one can peek in and nab your snacks.

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