Geek Fuel Welcome Box

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box that caters to the nerds, geeks, and gamers.  Every month they ship out a t-shirt, games, and collectables.  There is a code for a downloadable game, exclusive gear, everyday items, and some neat collectables.  This is actually a box that ships from the UK, so I have high hopes of fueling my Doctor Who and Sherlock obsessions.  Boxes start at $29.90 a month, shipping included.  I had held off on getting this one for a long time because that is higher than I like to spend on a box a month but then it showed up on Groupon so I jumped on it.  You got a welcome box plus three months of regular Geek Fuel boxes for $75.00.  The deal doesn’t seem to be on anymore but I would keep checking if you’re interested since they do get repeated occasionally.

This was the Welcome Box part of my deal.  They promised a value of $75, which is higher than the $50 that would be a normal box.   The first look seems promising so I’m excited to see what’s in there under what I can see.  There was not an info card but I’m thinking that is because this is not a regular box.

20170206_173626Dragon Egg Toothbrush Holder & Storage Kit-$15.99

This is  Game Of Thrones item.  It has two different top options so you can use it as a toothbrush holder or just a jar with a plain lid.  Having a glass holder in a house with two young children is not really a great plan so I think I’ll take this to work and use it to hold candy on my desk instead.

20170206_173710Luckslinger Downloadable Game & Lucky Wooden Dice

This game is a cross between a spaghetti western and hiphop.  You need to be a gunslinger and also lucky.  You can collect, steal, use, or win luck.  You somehow use the dice to help yourself along in the game.  I haven’t downloaded it yet but maybe when I have a holiday booked it’ll be fun to try for a while.

The Raven Poem Kit-$9.99

This is quite cool actually!  It opens up and has a copy of the poem in a book and a raven figurine that says “Nevermore”.  It’s small, only about 4″ x 3″ overall.

20170206_173759Caveman Craig Downloadable Game-$10.00

This has a code on the back to get you the game.  It is a strategy/RTS game where you have to contribute to the survival of your tribe.  You hunt, gather, and prepare as you try to survive.  This one seems more like one I’d play so it might get downloaded faster than the other one.


I’ll be honest, I have no clue what this is.  I can tell it’s a pin but what show or game it represents I don’t know.

Alien Playing Cards-$12.93

You can always use more playing cards in a house.  Surprisingly I enjoy the Alien movies.  This is a neat addition to the box.

20170206_173938Epic Enamels Temple Edition Pin-$7.99

This little guy is cute but pins are not really my thing.  The Indy theme is lovely, though.

These are two cards for Uncharted 4, which I’m guessing is an upcoming game.

20170206_174049X-Men Apocalypse T-Shirt-$20.00

This wouldn’t be my favourite shirt I’ve ever received but it’s nice to have been able to choose both the size and the style of shirt.

I’m pretty happy with this welcome box.  I’m not sure if it’s representative of what a regular box will be like but it had a good mix of things in it and it shows all the different types of things that may show up.




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