Love With Food Deluxe December 2016

Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that sends out organic, all-natural, or gluten free snacks.  They want to help you to “Snack smart and Do good.”  They donate a portion of their proceeds to organisations that help end child hunger.  They offer three box types but only two are available in Canada.  You can get the Deluxe box or the Gluten Free box, starting at $16.50 a month.  Shipping right now is $3.99 a month since they just opened up international shipping.  If you really like your coworkers they have an office box for $99.  You’ll get 16-20 snacks a month,  meals given to children, and points earned to redeem for boxes or snacks.  I love getting snacks in the mail and to find ones that won’t completely destroy my weight loss attempts is a good thing.  I’ve been watching this one for a while and was so glad they now ship to Canada.  Let’s open it up and see if the wait was worth it.

Hey look I’m getting closer to being in the right month of this!  The box is full once again and off the top, the snacks look good!

There are two cards in the box this month.  The top one is letting us know that the box was curated by Tiffani Thiessen.  She has a cooking show so maybe that’s why she’s doing this too.  The second one is a Holiday card from the company.  This obviously would have much more sense if I’d opened the box in December, as it should have been.

20170205_192634Luna Whole Nutrition Bar x 2

These are sample sized bars of Canadian Made goodness.  These are a dark chocolate hazelnut flavour and are gluten free and non-GMO.  I’ve had other Luna Bars before but not this flavour and type.  I’m sure that I will like these ones too.

20170205_192643Salmas Corn Crackers x 2

These seem to just be a regular cracker if crackers were made of corn.  There are three in each pack.  They are 80 calories per pack and have 0 fat and sugar.

20170205_192655Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks

Like I mentioned the last post, I love all things gummy so I’m going to eat these and not even worry about it.  As the package says, they are certified organic and give you 100% of your vitamin C for the day.

20170205_192708Nib Mor Bar

This seems to be a piece of dark chocolate cacao nibs.  I don’t care much for dark chocolate so I think this will go to my hubby.  It is gluten and GMO-free.

20170205_192726GoGo Squeeze Yogurtz

Shelf stable dairy freaks me out.  Milk is made to go bad!  I think (make that know) that this will go to the kids.  I do not like these squeeze tube things in any type and am pretty sure our family is keeping some of the yogurt companies in business with the amounts the girls eat in a week.  To make it even worse for me…’s banana flavour. Egh….

20170205_192738Off The Cob Chips x 2

These are a type of tortilla chip made with sweet corn.  They are non-GMO, Gluten free, have no msg, are kosher, and low sodium.

20170205_192835Veggie Pasta Chips

This might be a very odd thing.  These are pieces of pasta that are baked into a chip.  I hate kale but I’m thinking the spinach and broccoli will cover that up.  These are a vegan snack and also non-GMO.

20170205_192849BarkThins Snacking Chocolate

These look amazing!  This is dark chocolate and almonds with sea salt make into something like a bark.  Chocolate and almond is one of my very favourite things and I’m not sure these are going to last the evening.

20170205_192911Lucy’s Ginger Snaps

I have no idea how they even made these.  They have no peanuts, tree nuts, milk, or eggs.  How do you make cookies without milk and eggs???  It’s a good thing I like ginger snaps.  My Baba always had a jar of them in her cupboard and they are a happy memory for me.

20170205_192931Horizon Organic Cheddar Cheesy Deluxe

This is not something I ever expected to receive in this box.  Mac and cheese is not a snack.   That being said the girls love mac and cheese and usually have it for lunch once a week.  The cheese sauce in this is not a powder but an actual sauce so that is different.

20170205_192951Baron Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark is one of those things that only appears around Christmas and I try to not gobble as much as I can in one month.  This one is made from premium milk chocolate and has raspberry in it as well.  I will hide it and sneak a piece when I need a moment to myself.

My fifth box gave me even more of the things I love to eat.  I am so happy to be getting this box and finding snacks that are at least in the realm of better for me.  They have great shipping notices and the boxes come wrapped in plastic so no one can peek in and nab your snacks.


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