LoveLula Beauty Box January 2017

LoveLula Beauty Box is a UK box that is filled with natural beauty products and brands without having to purchase the full sized versions first.  Individual boxes are $52.50 British Pounds a month or a yearly option of $210 British Pounds.  That price includes the shipping fee.  I have had great luck with the other British box I get so while the British exchange was down a bit I went ahead and got this one.

This one showed up on time this month.  The box is well packed with squiggles and everything arrives safely.

20170130_192846The info card tells you about the items in the box and a little bio of them.

20170130_193013Balm Balm Face Balm-30mL $14.66

This is a very oily feeling moisturiser.  It has a texture like a regular cream when it comes out but once you start to rub it around it goes all oily.  It is called a face balm but you can apply it to any area of your body that needs some extra conditioning.  The rose geranium scent is not that pleasant but it is 100% organic.  It says it’s good for both day and night but it’s so greasy feeling that I think I’d only use it at night.

20170130_192904Laidbare Pack Your Bags-30mL $13.09

This is an eye cream and I think it’s a crazy big size compared to the normal eye creams you get in these boxes!  It will reduce puffiness and dark circles and also brightens and reduces redness.  This one is an anti-aging cream and I’m okay with that.  I’ve started to notice some smile lines near my eyes and they are driving me crazy!  If this can help with those as well as making it seem like I got some sleep each night, it’ll be a winner for me.

20170130_192918Ren EverCalm Day Cream-15mL $13.77

I’ve received quite a few Ren products from this box and I do like them.  This is a new one for me and it’s supposed to leave sensitive skin feeling protected and calm.  This one is very thick but it goes on nice and absorbs very fast into my skin.

20170130_192929John Masters Evening Primrose Shampoo-60mL $7.05

I’m always torn on things like this.  I love that this is a brand I would never buy and so getting it is a treat.  I hate that they only sent the shampoo.  This one is specifically for dry hair, and I can use that.  It has a pretty strong smell in the bottle but I’m sure that will lessen once I use it and lather it up.

20170130_192956Apple & Bears Body Silk-50mL $7.21

This is a firming and smoothing body lotion.  It is also supposed to re-energise your skin and I think most of that comes from the scent.  It has a bright smell from the grapefruit, but I don’t know if I really like it.  This is always my issue with organic or natural products, the stuff that makes it smell good doesn’t qualify.

My sixth box from LoveLula is still very good.  It is full of skincare products but that is mostly what they have on their site so it’s not a surprise.  The value this time is $55.78 and there were two full sized items. I’m not always going to seek out natural products but everything I’ve tried has worked well and if I had a complaint, it would be that some of them have quite strong smells that I don’t particularity enjoy.

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