Klean Box Holiday Box December 2017

Klean Box is a surprise box full of bath and beauty items from KleanKristi on Etsy.  Each month she sends out a box full of items she makes herself and sometimes she includes items from fellow Etsy sellers as well.  Boxes start at $20 per month and you can get 6 or 12 month plans as well.  She only ships to the United States but due to an ordering glitch on Etsy I was able to order it.  Thankfully we were able to work out a deal with the shipping because it’s rather high to ship to Canada and I was disappointed to possibly have to cancel my order.  Kristi has been fabulous to deal with and I’m hopeful with what I’m going to be getting!

There was a slight delay in getting this box because once again she offered a choice of scents and I choose one that she had to make more of.  Inside it was all done up for Christmas.

20170122_181322There is a large collection of gift tags.They all have a vintage feel.  These will get put away until next year but they are lovely and I like them.

Inside this plaid bag are the items I chose.  We have a Room And Body Spray and a Hand Sanitizer in Sugared Spruce scent.  These smell just like a pine tree and it’s fantastic.  I doubt that I will use it as a body spray but it will add a pleasant smell to the house.

It’s fun how some things were inside more little presents.  In this bag is a Kandy Kane Kolor Stix.  It is like a lip balm but it has a red colour and candy cane smell.

In another fancy box, we had a ball of Peppermint Bath Salts.  How they managed to get it half white and half red I’ll never know.  I love bath salts and am happy to get more in any shape.

20170122_181614There is a Santa belt tree ornament.  Sparkly and heavy actually.

20170122_181640A ball of soap that is a snowball.  It is also covered in sparkles and smells like snow fairies.

There is a fuzzy pair of socks and what must be a snowball?   I like the socks and the other thing will go to the girls to play with.  They’ll love it and it’s soft enough that it should cause no pain if it hits someone.

This bit of awesomeness is a LED Pocket Lamp.  It lays flat and then you pop up the tree and it lights up.  It is not super bright but will do in a pinch.

There was also a cup of hot chocolate lollipop and a gift tree ornament.

20170122_181929Lastly, tucked on the bottom, were these blank cards.  They could either be recipe cards or just note pages.  They have Christmas motifs on the corners.

This was my last box from Klean Box and it was great.  Everything in it fit the theme perfectly and the main items were handmade, which is what you expect from anything on Etsy.  I will not be able to renew this box as getting it the first place was an error but I have enjoyed it and if you are in the US I would check out her Etsy shop and see what you can find.


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