The Fan Empire January 2017

The Fan Empire is a monthly subscription that sends you out 4-6 pieces of fandom merchandise.  Items can be anything from posters to t-shirts and are based around a different theme each month.  Previous fandoms include The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.  Boxes start at $14.95 a month but do go down a little with a longer plan.  Shipping to Canada was $5.50.  I am always wary of the fandom boxes because if you get a month that is not one of yours then it can feel like a waste.  Let’s see how we get on with this one.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I have no idea what month this actually is.  I haven’t received a bag since October and despite emailing them and trying to figure out what is going on I have no answers.  That being said the bag this month is super fun.  There is an info card that tells you the theme, “Magical Creatures”, and what items they included plus prices.


Dobby Watercolor Magnet-$3.00

I think it’s great that I get a magnet almost every month with this subscription.  They are fun and make my fridge just a little bit more mine instead of the kids.

20170113_140919Fantastic Beasts Logo Necklace-$12.00

I am ashamed to say I still haven’t seen this movie!  I like the logo but it doesn’t seem to match the chain it’s on.  Itis quite light and I think if I change the chain out I will wear it.

20170113_140946Dobby is Free Pillowcase 45cmx45cm-$16.00

I still need to get a few pillow forms but I am getting a great collection of nerdy pillows.  My hubby thinks it’s slightly odd but he knows that I am slightly odd and just goes with it. This material almost looks like burlap but it’s very soft and shiny.

20170113_140809Give Dobby a Sock! Hogwarts Crest Socks-$8.00

There is a labelling issue with these.  The tag says they are knee high socks and they are ankle socks.  I don’t really care, I love them anyways.  They will be perfect for work.  I am luck to have a boss that is okay with me being slightly off kilter.

20170113_140853Dragon Scale Adjustable Ring-$7.00

I think this is very cool.  However the tiny bit if glue that was holding the scales onto the ring has let go, so I will need to reglue it.  That is very minor and after that, I will just need an excuse to wear this out.

20170113_140754Harry Potter & Hedwig Print-$5.00

I have a hard time including this as a value in the box.  This is actually the front of the info card.  They claim it as an item each month, and while they are great images I don’t think you should actual give it a value as part of the box.

Once again this one came really, really late.  She says she lets everyone on social media know and occasionally sends an email to subscribers to let them know the same thing.  I just expect them to be super late into the next month.  The value this month is $51.00.  There were a few things I really enjoyed this time.  I have no idea what will show up in this bag and the themes never match what the website says so I’ll wait and see.

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