Klean Box Boss Babe Box November 2016

Klean Box is a surprise box full of bath and beauty items from KleanKristi on Etsy.  Each month she sends out a box full of items she makes herself and sometimes she includes items from fellow Etsy sellers as well.  Boxes start at $20 per month and you can get 6 or 12 month plans as well.  She only ships to the United States but due to an ordering glitch on Etsy I was able to order it.  Thankfully we were able to work out a deal with the shipping because it’s rather high to ship to Canada and I was disappointed to possibly have to cancel my order.  Kristi has been fabulous to deal with and I’m hopeful with what I’m going to be getting!

The box was packed and wrapped and protected with squiggles.  Once I got through all that I could see more bags and packages all nestled inside.  There was not an info card in there this month so I’ll be doing a bit of guessing as to what things are.


These are temporary tattoos.  I think this might be one big arm band tattoo.  If it’s not, it could be.  I don’t really do the metallic tattoo trend but maybe one day I will have a good reason to.

Overall Beauty Minerals Vegan Mineral Makeup

I think this one is called Bright.  It is a lovely yellow and while that might not seem like a shade you would want to wear it’s actually great. This will be an eyeshadow for me.

“Whipped” Soap

This is a glycerin soap with a dark base and a gold top layer.  It has little balls of white and gold for decoration on the front.  The soaps are always huge and almost too pretty to use.

Manage 888 Multi-Purpose Brush

This is an interchangeable head brush.  It has brow, lip, and shadow ends that you can switch out so you don’t need to have four different brushes with you at all times. It’s a neat idea but I wish it came with a case.

Inside this box was a necklace and a bracelet.  The necklace threads through a loop on one end to form the circle and the bracelet says “Like A Boss”.

Next out we have a three pack of hair ties.  I have a small pile of these but they disappear  all the time so I am happy to get more.

20161221_175724Moon Sparkle Roll-On Perfume

Ooooo…this smells nice!  There was a choice of ones you could pick and I’m happy with the one I chose.  It is a slightly floral/musk scent and it works for me.


Khocoate Kisses Kolor Stix

I thought this was a lip balm but it’s actually more like lipstick.  It is a shimmery bronze colour.  I like it and will wear it and it has a slight Khalua smell to it so that’s a good thing too.

This bag had everything you need for your next nail art project.  The polish is a pure gold with micro shimmer.  There are also two phials of glitter and some nail charms.  My nails are not nearly long enough to use the charms but maybe one day. I might end up using the glitter for crafts instead of nails too.


Lastly, there is a note card, paper clip, and confetti.

This was my fifth box from Klean Box and it was great.  Everything in it fit the theme perfectly and the main items were handmade, which is what you expect from anything on Etsy.  I can’t wait to get more boxes from here and am now even more excited that I was able to actually get the box.  I’m sad I only have one more box coming.


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