Esthoria Box December 2016

Esthoria Box is bi-monthly box that ships out either a Beauty box or a Lifestyle box.  The products included are green products and help to remove toxins and negative chemicals from your life.  The Beauty box is $89.00 and the Lifestyle is $29.00.  Both options have added shipping costs.  You can choose to pay per box, a six-month term, or a twelve-month term.  Prices are in Canadian dollars.  If you go with one of the longer terms you actually meet their free shipping threshold and so shipping is not charged.  I am alway happy to find a new Canadian box.  The Beauty box is out of my price range so I went with the Lifestyle one.  Time to see what they’ve sent out.

The box is medium sized and has the logo in teal on the cover.  It felt heavy for its size and I really didn’t know what to expect opening it up.  Inside was some wrapped items and a few that I could see.  There was not an info card in the box so I will be going blind into this one.

Clean Kiss Organics Linen Spray in Fresh Kisses-$10.00

This is a full sized bottle of linen spray.  It is scented with lavender, rosemary, and cedar essential oils.  It is a nice scent and I like it better than the Febreeze I currently use to freshen my linen cupboard.  The only ingredients in this are water and the oils.  They recommend you use this on your clothes right out of the dryer instead of dryer sheets to make them smell nice but I can’t see me doing that.  They also included a card with discounts if you wanted to order more things.  They offer a subscription shipping plan as well, right from the company.


Sapadilla Liquid Dish Soap in Grapefruit + Bergamot-$6.95

This is also a full sized bottle.  It might just be the best smelling dish soap I have ever smelled.  It uses natural ingredients to clean your dishes and has glycerin in it to keep your hands soft at the same time.  Even though we have a dishwasher, we still do one sink of dishes by hand every day so this is a useful and handy thing to have received.


Forever New Fashion Care Fabric Wash in Soft Scent-$5.95

This powder detergent is made with a citric base that does the cleaning.  Soft Scent seems to be lightly baby powder scented, which is a little odd for something that is made for grown up clothes.  This little bottle is good for ten washes in any type of machine you have.  Once again I cannot get the picture to go the right way…..I’m frustrated with this new method of posting they want us to use.


purEcosheet Dryer Sheets-$16.95

These work like a regular dryer sheet but they don’t have any perfume, dye, or chemicals in them.  They are reusable 500 times between the two of them included in the box.  They work by drawing the static into them and away from your clothes as they tumble around.  This would be an easy way to save money and the environment at the same time.

This box was good.  The four items have a value of $39.85.  All of the items are from Canadian companies, which is awesome.  This is one that I’m going to enjoy I think.  It fills the void in the Canadian market left by HouseBox shutting down.  Maybe in the future I’ll give the beaity box a go to see if it’s as good.

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