KidPackz November 2016

KidPackz is a monthly delivery of school supplies.  They send out things that your children might need for either home or school based on the grade level and gender of your child.  They don’t offer a kindergarten box so we chose the Grade 1 level.  They also include an educational toy in each box.  For summer months they say they will include more games and toys instead of supplies.  Boxes start at $15 per month but go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $2.50 per box.  I love school supplies and quite honestly could supply my children for most of their school lives but this will get us more things and provide both them and me with shiny new items to use.

They had some issues last month and never shipped out any boxes.  They did send out an email to let people know and refunded them the price for that one month.  Inside, as you can see, the crayons have exploded a bit but everything else seems to be just fine.

20161221_180027I’m not sure why this picture is upside down but you get the idea.  Finding Dory is a favourite movie in our house and these will make the girls happy for a quick few minutes.


There is a candy cane cookie cutter in the box.  We did use cookie cutters to make sugar cookies that we decorated for Xmas so this would have been used then.  It will go into the bag of cutters for the next time we make cookies.


I still have a bit of an issue with them sending this pencil case.  They know that this box is for someone in Grade 1 and yet they send this out.  There is no way this is of interest to my little one.  Also it’s like the third one they’ve sent. Inside is an assortment of erasers, pencils, a glue stick, a sharpener, and a pencil hugger. All of those things are great.


We received an assortment of normal pencils.  Well, normal in that they are not mechanical ones.  You can never have too many of these.  Both girls will need pencils for many more years to come.


We received another box of crayons.  I managed to get them all packed back up with no issues.  These are good since I can send one to Grandma’s and keep a few here and even use them as part of a gift with some colouring books if I need to.


The learning toy this month is a guitar.  It is not very loud and that’s perfect.  The girls will love this.  They have a few other instruments and play with them all the time.  I’m not sure what they’ve used for strings but hopefully they won’t break.

20161221_180251This notebook will probably become mine.  I hate being normal (if you haven’t noticed) and this is the type of thing that means I can be different and still useful.

20161221_180305This is a portfolio.  I like the glitter pink and while I don’t need this right now, I’m sure in the future there will be an occasion.

This is my third month of this box, fourth if you count the one they skipped.  As I mentioned above, I am surprised that they repeated so many items.  I had thought they would send out a few things that are common repeatedly but not back to back months.  The items are good and all usable.   They did a good job making some of it items my girls are into and like.  If you sign up now you can use the code “LAUNCH” to get 5% off your order.

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