Loves It Newfoundland Box December 2016

Loves It is a box of Newfoundland sourced, hand crafted, home made items.  They are proudly sending out boxes of items they purchase from those local suppliers so that they can show off the greatness of their artists, crafters, and businesses.  They offer both a Standard or a Premium box and monthly or quarterly subscriptions.  Boxes start at $35.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  There will be 4-7 items per box and they say they will range in value from $40-$75.  I am always on the lookout for Canadian boxes and so while I’m not from Newfoundland nor have I ever been there I was still interested in this box.

I didn’t get my normal warning on the box to not cut down, but there was a sticker to not open until December 25.  I was still careful when I opened it and lucky I did as there was a print on the top!


Boatload of Colour Special Edition Art Reproduction by Brenda Rowe

Some of the artwork I’ve received from this box has been lovely and this is no exception.  It is on that kinda foamy mat so it is about a quarter inch thick. This is a duplicate item I received in the September box as well.


Home Sticker

I like this but as it would be a total lie for me to use it will be going to my Hubby to give to one of his coworkers who is an actual Newfie. This is also a duplicate from October.


Pure Savoury-$3.88

Hey look…..something I haven’t received before.  This is a good sized package of Savoury.  This is not a herb I use a lot of but I know that I’ve had a few recipes ask for it so it’s good to have on hand.


Indigena Sea Goddess Sea Weed Nourishing Skin Bar-$?

A full size bar of this sells for $20 but I don’t know how big that is compared to how big this one is.  This bar is made to exfoliate and provide hydration.  I’ve used sea weed in other things but never a soap so I’m looking forward to giving it a go. This is a duplicate from August.


Blueberry Candle-$6.00

Well this is sort of a duplicate.  Twice before I’ve received candles from this company but this time at least it’s another scent.  These candles burn well and I like having them so this one is a small complaint.


Mummers Round The Bend Porcelain Ornament-$15.00

This is an ornament based on a picture done by Brenda Rowe.  It is beautiful and the one think I can say is that I’m getting a great collection of Canadian artists work.  This is going up on the tree in a high spot the girls can’t get to.


Crooked As Sin Chocolate Bar-$5.00

I have got a few items from this chocolate company and they do not disappoint.  This is a milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt bar.  The wrapper is the provincial flag and this is one of many regional sayings.  I love Newfies. This is a duplicate in brand and item but with a different wrapper.


Mitten Ornament by RALI-$?

I can’t imagine knitting something so tiny!  My skills are no where near this level.  These are on the tree and look great on there.  Love them.

This was my tenth box from Loves It and as normal, I still never have any clue what to expect to be in it besides it all being from Newfoundland.  There is a good mix of products. I just wish for a few of the thing that they would tell me what or why it was included. Value is always hard for this box as I don’t always know where things are from. Five of the items are duplicates and that is just not acceptable.  I’ve emailed them about it before with no response.  I guess this is a box you should only get for a few months.   If you want to check them out click here to go to their site.

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