The Crafty Mail Mittens & Mistletoe Handmade Subscription Box December 2016

The Crafty Mail is an Etsy shop that sells planner clips and glitter dipped tumblers.  They also put together a subscription box of items from themselves and other sellers, which is what I went with.  Boxes can be pre-ordered a few month in advance and you’ll know the theme before you buy.  Boxes are $38.47CAD a month or go down quite a bit if you buy more than one at a time.  Shipping is included in the price.  I used to get a similar box a while ago that had a different mix of items and liked it so decided to give this one a try.  The nice thing about boxes like this is that not all of the companies will ship to Canada so you’d never get to have their products any other way.  This month is Mittens & Mistletoe.

The box was very festive upon opening.  I could see under the paper that there was some carefully wrapped items inside.

Mittens & Mistletoe and Fireside Cider Herbal Tea by Kiper’s Lil Tea Shop-$2.08 x 2

These tea bags came in this festive envelope.  The Fireside Cider tea is a blend of lapsang souchong, ceylon tea, vanilla rooibos, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and ginger.  The Mittens & Mistletoe is made from red rooibos, peppermint, spearmint, and hibiscus.  I think I’ll prefer the second one as I’ve had no luck enjoying lapsang souchong the other times of tried it.

20161221_174850Stemless Wine Glass by The Crafty Mail-$15?

This is the item made by the shop that sends out the box.  This so so so makes up for the pumpkin spice mug from last month I didn’t care for.  I love this glass.  I was using it all through the Christmas season.  It didn’t matter what I was drinking, I put it in this glass. Grinch for the win!

20161221_174703Planner Clip by Heart Of Joy Creations-$2.04

Every time I get one of these it becomes my new planner marker.  This month is reindeer and that’ll get me into January no problem.

20161221_174805Ceramic Mitten Ornament by JSB Arts-$13.79

This tree ornament is very cute and fun.  I’ve tossed it on the tree and it fits right in with the wide and crazy assortment of things on there already.

20161221_174654Bath Bomb by L’Aura Botanicals-$1.44

This bath bomb is in the Holiday scent.  It’s a mix of pine, juniper berry, and vanilla.  It has some delightful glitter sprinkled over the top and after running around after the kids all day while we’re on holidays, I need all the bath time I can get.

20161221_174753Planner Stickers by CraftyBeautee-$1.85

These make me more than happy.  I love getting these pages each month and I use them in my planner.

This month was back to being great.  There were seven items this month and the glass was the big item.  It all fits into the theme really well and I like all the planner items.  The products had a value of $38.28, using the prices from the Etsy shop. I enjoy these mixed boxes a lot and I think will keep this one around for a while.

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