LoveLula Beauty Box January 2017

LoveLula Beauty Box is a UK box that is filled with natural beauty products and brands without having to purchase the full sized versions first.  Individual boxes are $52.50 British Pounds a month or a yearly option of $210 British Pounds.  That price includes the shipping fee.  I have had great luck with the other British box I get so while the British exchange was down a bit I went ahead and got this one.

This one showed up on time this month.  The box is well packed with squiggles and everything arrives safely.

20170130_192846The info card tells you about the items in the box and a little bio of them.

20170130_193013Balm Balm Face Balm-30mL $14.66

This is a very oily feeling moisturiser.  It has a texture like a regular cream when it comes out but once you start to rub it around it goes all oily.  It is called a face balm but you can apply it to any area of your body that needs some extra conditioning.  The rose geranium scent is not that pleasant but it is 100% organic.  It says it’s good for both day and night but it’s so greasy feeling that I think I’d only use it at night.

20170130_192904Laidbare Pack Your Bags-30mL $13.09

This is an eye cream and I think it’s a crazy big size compared to the normal eye creams you get in these boxes!  It will reduce puffiness and dark circles and also brightens and reduces redness.  This one is an anti-aging cream and I’m okay with that.  I’ve started to notice some smile lines near my eyes and they are driving me crazy!  If this can help with those as well as making it seem like I got some sleep each night, it’ll be a winner for me.

20170130_192918Ren EverCalm Day Cream-15mL $13.77

I’ve received quite a few Ren products from this box and I do like them.  This is a new one for me and it’s supposed to leave sensitive skin feeling protected and calm.  This one is very thick but it goes on nice and absorbs very fast into my skin.

20170130_192929John Masters Evening Primrose Shampoo-60mL $7.05

I’m always torn on things like this.  I love that this is a brand I would never buy and so getting it is a treat.  I hate that they only sent the shampoo.  This one is specifically for dry hair, and I can use that.  It has a pretty strong smell in the bottle but I’m sure that will lessen once I use it and lather it up.

20170130_192956Apple & Bears Body Silk-50mL $7.21

This is a firming and smoothing body lotion.  It is also supposed to re-energise your skin and I think most of that comes from the scent.  It has a bright smell from the grapefruit, but I don’t know if I really like it.  This is always my issue with organic or natural products, the stuff that makes it smell good doesn’t qualify.

My sixth box from LoveLula is still very good.  It is full of skincare products but that is mostly what they have on their site so it’s not a surprise.  The value this time is $55.78 and there were two full sized items. I’m not always going to seek out natural products but everything I’ve tried has worked well and if I had a complaint, it would be that some of them have quite strong smells that I don’t particularity enjoy.

Klean Box Holiday Box December 2017

Klean Box is a surprise box full of bath and beauty items from KleanKristi on Etsy.  Each month she sends out a box full of items she makes herself and sometimes she includes items from fellow Etsy sellers as well.  Boxes start at $20 per month and you can get 6 or 12 month plans as well.  She only ships to the United States but due to an ordering glitch on Etsy I was able to order it.  Thankfully we were able to work out a deal with the shipping because it’s rather high to ship to Canada and I was disappointed to possibly have to cancel my order.  Kristi has been fabulous to deal with and I’m hopeful with what I’m going to be getting!

There was a slight delay in getting this box because once again she offered a choice of scents and I choose one that she had to make more of.  Inside it was all done up for Christmas.

20170122_181322There is a large collection of gift tags.They all have a vintage feel.  These will get put away until next year but they are lovely and I like them.

Inside this plaid bag are the items I chose.  We have a Room And Body Spray and a Hand Sanitizer in Sugared Spruce scent.  These smell just like a pine tree and it’s fantastic.  I doubt that I will use it as a body spray but it will add a pleasant smell to the house.

It’s fun how some things were inside more little presents.  In this bag is a Kandy Kane Kolor Stix.  It is like a lip balm but it has a red colour and candy cane smell.

In another fancy box, we had a ball of Peppermint Bath Salts.  How they managed to get it half white and half red I’ll never know.  I love bath salts and am happy to get more in any shape.

20170122_181614There is a Santa belt tree ornament.  Sparkly and heavy actually.

20170122_181640A ball of soap that is a snowball.  It is also covered in sparkles and smells like snow fairies.

There is a fuzzy pair of socks and what must be a snowball?   I like the socks and the other thing will go to the girls to play with.  They’ll love it and it’s soft enough that it should cause no pain if it hits someone.

This bit of awesomeness is a LED Pocket Lamp.  It lays flat and then you pop up the tree and it lights up.  It is not super bright but will do in a pinch.

There was also a cup of hot chocolate lollipop and a gift tree ornament.

20170122_181929Lastly, tucked on the bottom, were these blank cards.  They could either be recipe cards or just note pages.  They have Christmas motifs on the corners.

This was my last box from Klean Box and it was great.  Everything in it fit the theme perfectly and the main items were handmade, which is what you expect from anything on Etsy.  I will not be able to renew this box as getting it the first place was an error but I have enjoyed it and if you are in the US I would check out her Etsy shop and see what you can find.


Curiosity Box January 2017

Curiosity Box is a Canadian monthly subscription that sends out craft and activity boxes for children 3-7.  They hope to inspire curiosity and creativity in kids and help families have quality time together.  You can buy single boxes or 3,6, or 12-monthplans.  You can also get Curiosity Kits that are made for birthday parties, homeschooling or daycare groups.  Single boxes start at $26.55 and plans begin at $26.50/month and go down with longer subscriptions.  Shipping within Canada is included!  In the monthly plans they include, in the months published, a copy of Parent’s Canada magazine.  I had been looking to replace the craft one I was getting for Bug so finding one and a Canadian one to boot is awesome!


The box is full of everything you need to make a bunch of crafts and a few bonus items to keep your kids entertained on those snow days.

They have an instruction sheet that details all the crafts and activities that are included for the month.  It also has facts about the theme, which this month is Winter Wonderland.

20170127_195856Snowman Suncatcher Craft

For some reason, I find this creepy.  It must be the face that they add to the centre that makes it wrong.  The craft is one of the harder ones for my aged girls to master with needing to make a glaze out of the glue but I think we can manage somehow.

20170127_195930Winter Welcome Mobile Craft

It’s hard to see in this picture but it has a banner across the top and then snowflakes and a snowman that hang down.  The most difficult part will be hanging the stuff from the strings.

20170127_195956Snowman Measuring Stick Craft

This is so cute!  It gives you up to a nine-inch snowfall measure.  You get to add little arms and a scarf to make it awesome!

20170127_200044Pin The Nose On The Snowman

This is the activity for the month.  You cut out the noses and try to stick them as close to where they belong as you can.

Other things included this month are Build A Snowman stickers, a connect four game, a clapper, crayons, balloon, and scissors to cut out paper snowflakes.

I think this is going to be a good box for Bug.  She loves these kind of crafts, and I like that most are simple and quick enough to do before bed or supper.  The crafts seem to be coming from Oriental Trading and I’m fine with that because I would totally be ordering from there myself if I could figure out hat to do with the 17 other packages of the same crafts you need to buy at once.  The instructions are clear and the additional activities don’t require crazy supplies no one would have.  I am grateful to find any Canadian boxes and am glad to support them.  If you want to join this one, send me a message and I can give you a code for a discount off a 3 month plan.

The Hippie Hobby January 2017

The Hippie Hobby is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a DIY craft kit that will incorporate recycled, up-cycled, and natural elements.  They promise to send you everything you need, so even if you’re a beginner crafter you’ll never be caught out missing supplies.  Boxes start at $23.95 plus $5.99 shipping to Canada.  There are discounts for 3 or 6-month plans.  Since boxes are every other month, a 6-month plan gets you a year.  I am always looking for craft boxes and most are either way too expensive for me or the shipping is ridiculous so I’m hoping this one will bring me joy.

The box is a fun green striped one that comes with a tissue wrapped inside.  In other boxes that strip of burlap has been used for the crafts.

The instruction sheet is full colour and has the steps broke down into very easy to follow parts.  This month the project is DIY String Art.

20170122_182834Included in the box to fulfil the crafting are wood planks, a paint brush, instant coffee packets, a picture hanger, mini nails, paint sticks, wire nails, and embroidery floss.  It’s up to me to provide scissors, a small bowl, and a hammer.  I have wanted to try this type of craft for a while so this is awesome.

There is also a little card of facts and bits of knowledge about the craft.  It’s a fun inclusion to give some background on the history and where the crafting comes from.

I like the idea of making something that will be used instead of simply being decorative.  The crafts are not crazy complicated and still, they look like they would be not tacky.  It doesn’t matter too much to me that they are encouraging recycling or upcycling but there isn’t a downside to that.   I don’t think that you can accurately value a box like this but it’s probably fair.  Having two months to make these up before another box arrives means I may actually get them done, though that hasn’t been the case so far.

Julep Maven January 2017

Julep Maven is a monthly beauty box full of their own brand of cosmetics and nail polishes.  You can take the box they select or trade out items and colours to get exactly what you want each month.  You also get access to their online store before anyone else each month and can add on any amount of extras you want (paying for them on top of your box of course).  When you sign up you take a little quiz so they get to know your likes and can curate your box just for you.  All items in the box are full sized.   Boxes start at $24.99 a month but they do go down if you pick a longer plan.  They are also always giving away something for joining so make sure you look around a bit first.  I got a set of items worth $112.00 for free!  I have waited quite a while before joining this one as they mostly are nail polish and I don’t need any more of that but since you can customise your box I was able to reduce the polish and up the makeup.

20170110_193307This box was a mistake on their part to me.  I had cancelled my plan after my six months was up and received a confirmation email saying that had happened.  Shortly after that, I received the email saying my plan had shipped and I had been charged for another term.  A quick email to them had it all straightened out but this was already on it’s way to me and so now I got a bonus box!

The box only had a couple of items in it.  One of them looks really exciting though so I’m not complaining.  They have a card with info on the new item they sent out this month and a discount code.

20170110_193417Your Lip Addiction Tinted Lip Oil Treatment in Obsessed-$17.60

This is a lip gloss that heals and hydrates as you wear it.  It has just a soft hint of colour, the one I got is red, but you can get two other shades or just clear.  It does not make my lips sticky at all.  The only complaint I have it that it does have a bit of an oily taste and that’s not so pleasant.  20170110_193536Boost Your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil-$28.80

This oil is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and hyperpigmentation. It absorbed nice and quick and left my skin feeling nice.  I have slowly given over to using oils on my face, even though it sounds counterintuitive to everything I  normally do to remove oil from my skin.

20170110_193555The treat this month was a Tootsie Roll.  I’m okay with that.

The items had a value of $46.40 and I used the Maven pricing, which is better than regular retail.  I won’t be renewing but that’s just so I can try new things, not because I didn’t like the items included.  If you want to try them out or really like nail polish, click here to visit their site.

Fanspirations January 2017

Fanspirations is a monthly delivery of products and presents based off pretty much any fandom you might be a part of.  You can even change which fandom you want to receive every month if you want to.  They offer three sizes of boxes depending on how much of your fandom you want to receive each month.  The Perfect Deal is $13.00 and gives you 2-4 items, Favourite Deal is $30.00 and includes 5-7 items, and Best Deal is $50.00 and sends 8-11 items.  There are 11 open fandoms right now but the whole collection has 14.  You can choose from 4 plan lengths with a slight price break for longer plans.  This one did take a little while to get to me but now that it’s here let’s see what I can fangirl out with.  My plan right now is Whovian and I just went with the Perfect Deal.

20170111_143751This box was quite full but as I haven’t received a box from them since July I was expecting to get a few things.  I had emailed them about it and they said they would look into it.  Shortly after that, I received this box.

20170111_143807There is a Doctor Who necklace.  It is an antique brass chain and pendant.  The pendant has a page under a glass bubble that tells you who the Doctor is.  I really like this and as you can see, it is a licenced item.

20170111_143828Next out we have a Dalek Christmas ornament.  This is one of the greatest things I have ever received in a box.  My hubby got me a TARDIS ornament and now they can live together in perfect Doctor Who harmony.

20170111_143841OOOOO…..a Tenth Doctor vinyl sticker.  This is joining my Eleventh Doctor fez sticker on my laptop.  I have no shame when it comes to the Doctors. None.

20170111_143851Now we have a TARDIS metal keychain.  This is heavy and would work as a weapon in a pinch.  I don’t think I will put this on my keychain just because I don’t want to lose it if the chain breaks.

20170111_143921The most amazing piece in the box is also the biggest.  This is a 20oz. mug.  It has all sorts of Doctor Who images on it.  There are cybermen, the TARDIS, weeping angles, Daleks, and some Christmas images too.  Inside is the Doctor Who logo on one wall. I am so happy right now.

I was going to switch to the Sherlock theme but I’m really loving all the Doctor Who stuff I’m getting.  Such a big decision!!!!  This is a great geek box and I recommend it to anyone who has a love of one of the fandoms!  The shipping issues are a bit of a pain but the items you get are high quality and they are not cheap knockoffs.


The Fan Empire January 2017

The Fan Empire is a monthly subscription that sends you out 4-6 pieces of fandom merchandise.  Items can be anything from posters to t-shirts and are based around a different theme each month.  Previous fandoms include The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.  Boxes start at $14.95 a month but do go down a little with a longer plan.  Shipping to Canada was $5.50.  I am always wary of the fandom boxes because if you get a month that is not one of yours then it can feel like a waste.  Let’s see how we get on with this one.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I have no idea what month this actually is.  I haven’t received a bag since October and despite emailing them and trying to figure out what is going on I have no answers.  That being said the bag this month is super fun.  There is an info card that tells you the theme, “Magical Creatures”, and what items they included plus prices.


Dobby Watercolor Magnet-$3.00

I think it’s great that I get a magnet almost every month with this subscription.  They are fun and make my fridge just a little bit more mine instead of the kids.

20170113_140919Fantastic Beasts Logo Necklace-$12.00

I am ashamed to say I still haven’t seen this movie!  I like the logo but it doesn’t seem to match the chain it’s on.  Itis quite light and I think if I change the chain out I will wear it.

20170113_140946Dobby is Free Pillowcase 45cmx45cm-$16.00

I still need to get a few pillow forms but I am getting a great collection of nerdy pillows.  My hubby thinks it’s slightly odd but he knows that I am slightly odd and just goes with it. This material almost looks like burlap but it’s very soft and shiny.

20170113_140809Give Dobby a Sock! Hogwarts Crest Socks-$8.00

There is a labelling issue with these.  The tag says they are knee high socks and they are ankle socks.  I don’t really care, I love them anyways.  They will be perfect for work.  I am luck to have a boss that is okay with me being slightly off kilter.

20170113_140853Dragon Scale Adjustable Ring-$7.00

I think this is very cool.  However the tiny bit if glue that was holding the scales onto the ring has let go, so I will need to reglue it.  That is very minor and after that, I will just need an excuse to wear this out.

20170113_140754Harry Potter & Hedwig Print-$5.00

I have a hard time including this as a value in the box.  This is actually the front of the info card.  They claim it as an item each month, and while they are great images I don’t think you should actual give it a value as part of the box.

Once again this one came really, really late.  She says she lets everyone on social media know and occasionally sends an email to subscribers to let them know the same thing.  I just expect them to be super late into the next month.  The value this month is $51.00.  There were a few things I really enjoyed this time.  I have no idea what will show up in this bag and the themes never match what the website says so I’ll wait and see.

Real Soaps Soap Of The Month 2017

Real Soaps is a company out of Chicago making handmade soaps and natural body care products.  They don’t use any sulphates, parabens, phthalates and are cruelty-free. They also have no dyes, preservatives, or artificial ingredients and only pure essential oils for scents.  I found them on Etsy but they also have a website.  You can buy individual soaps or they have six and twelve-month plans starting at $47.00 and shipping to Canada was under $20 for the whole term.  I’m not sure why I’m on a soap kick lately but they are fun to get.

20170122_180742This sub arrives in this bubble mailer and there is a nice Thank You stamp on the back.

This month is Wintermint and it smells so good!  I want to sniff this soap all the time and cannot wait to use it.  I also like that the wrap on the package tells me what month we are getting and the flavour.

I like that they include the little note about the soap each month.  This time it tells me the soap will tingle and energise me.  It also tells you the two mint oil blends used and that it has some antimicrobial properties.

I am always looking for bath type products and soap is such an easy way to shake up your routine.  I tend to not share these with my family but it I find a scent that is too strong or not to my liking then I give it to my hubby who is less picky.  That won’t be happening with this one!


L.V.Kiki January 2017

L.V.Kiki is a monthly subscription box of 4-6 fashion accessories.  You can either sign up for the plans or if you want to see what type of things they send out you can order a one-off trial box.  The boxes may include jewellery, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, legwear, belts, and hair accessories. Boxes start at $19.00 per month and shipping to here was less than $1.00 per month.  I was in the market for an accessories box and after finding a discount code for this one I got it at a great price. Shipping is always super quick and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

This box changes size every month.  This time we are back to a smaller box but once you open it, it is full to the top.  Inside the paper is a couple of bags filled with your surprises.


The smaller of the two bags held this beautiful earring and necklace set.  I just love it and will be wearing this one for sure.  The mix of patterns on the necklace adds to the wearability of this.  I’m really happy with this!  Really, really!!


First out of the big bag is this hair clip.  It will be good for either work or just kicking around the house.  It clips tight enough to stay in place, even on my fine hair so that is good.


Next we have a pair of tech gloves.  I lose gloves like you wouldn’t believe…..well actually I tend to lose just one…….so this is a timely item.  It is nice that they are ones that I can keep on while it’s freezing outside.  I mean I could just ignore my phone but then I might have to interact with other humans and that would be horrible.


I think these are boot toppers.  I don’t have a pair and so that’s why I’m guessing but it seems right.  I don’t know if I’ll get much use out of these since I only have one pair of pants that I wear my boots over so that defeats the purpose of these.


This is another one I’m kinda guessing on.  I believe it’s a headband but it is folded in the picture above.  It is almost six inches wide when opened.  I guess it could be a neck warmer??  I;m using it as a headband because it fits and I like it that way.

All of the items come with the L.V.Kiki brand tags on them so there is no way to value them.  I have a few misses with items in these boxes but it’s just one of two of the things, never a whole box.   It almost seems like a steal at the prices I paid.  If the rest of my boxes are as good as this one was for me I will be more than happy.  I think this will be one of those boxes that is a great find!


LookFantastic Beauty Box January 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a box from the UK and you will receive a minimum of six products.   Those products will be an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products.  There also are sometimes high-value surprises added to a few boxes randomly.  They promise to have a much higher value than what you pay each month as well.  They have free worldwide delivery on the boxes or things you order from the website. Boxes are $26 a month but go down with 3,6 or 12-month subscriptions.  Shipping was pretty quick for overseas and I received tracking notices as well.  The stuff I’ve been getting in this box has been really nice.  This one was a find and I really enjoy it.  I had ended my subscription but with the exchange rate being better right now and the fact that I love this box I signed back up.

There are a few changes this month with the box.  It is slightly smaller than before and is different in its construction.  They did still include the copy of ElleUK, which has some samples this month so I’ll rip those out before I recycle it.

The magazine has also had an upgrade.  It is now on glossy paper but inside is still filled with product info, beauty tips, lifestyle tips, and sneak peeks into new products.

20170111_144717Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow-$19.95

This is a highlighter and illuminator.  It is a rosy pink colour and very shimmery.  It is made to be dotted on the cheekbones to make you glow.  It is vegan, has no mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, or gluten.  It is also cruelty-free.  I don’t use a lot of highlighters since I spend most of my time trying to avoid shine and glow.20170111_144612Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara-$21.95

This is a curling mascara that promises to give length and volume.  I’ve had lip products from this company before but never a mascara.  I love getting more mascara and while I may have a small pouch full of them since I never open them until I use them, they are good to go.

20170111_144553The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers-$13.19

I think if you are going to get a beauty tool, tweezers are the one to go with.  These are a very nice slanted set.  I seem to forget to pluck my brows as often as I should but they are not crazy out of control so it’s still a win.

20170111_144625Nuxe Lotion Tonique Douce-$3.47

I know I say it every time but I LOVE Nuxe products!!!  This one is a toner, which is great to get by itself and adding it being from my favourite brand is just icing on the cake.  It has the Nuxe smell but with a touch of the rose petal that is in this.  It says it will recharge your skin and I believe!

20170111_144703Pixi Brow Tamer-$19.98

I have lately taken to not applying anything to my brows, mostly through plain laziness.  Now that I have this I may start using it again.  I used something similar to this years ago and I guess I’ll be back to the nineties with doing it again.

20170111_144641Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask-$4.50

This hair mask is safe for all hair types.  It has a blend of three oils and 5 vitamins that repair damaged hair. It is used like a conditioner, you just leave it in a little longer before rinsing.  I think maybe I’ve had this before but I don’t remember so that might be saying something.

This month had a value of $83.04. This month’s mix was great. The best part about LookFantastic is that they have sales all the time and free worldwide shipping so if you want more of anything or find other things on their site it’s simple to get.  I’m really glad I went for them again and the new billing procedure is simpler than before so there are no worries there.  If you are looking for a beauty box to try, this would have to be my recommendation, hands down.