My Christmas Crate November 2016

My Christmas Crate is a monthly box of items to celebrate the festive time of the year, all year long.  Boxes can include anything that might help bring back memories or feelings, such as home decor, culinary items, accessories, candles, kitchen items, and more.  Boxes are $29.95 a month and you will get 3-5 items.  I love Christmas and as soon as December starts I’m wearing Xmas gear and singing carols so this box is right up my alley.  I missed out on their first box that had an awesome mug in it but I’m hoping that there is equally great things in the boxes I do get.

This box is festive before you even get into it.  Once I did open it up there was not much I could see. I guess I’ll have to dig deeper.

They do have an info card in there.  It’s basic but does get the job done.  The front could be used as a print if you wanted.  The back has a list of the items and the websites to find them on.


Christmas Morning Pancake Mix-$8.95

Well let me tell you…..pancakes are a big hit in our house.  This mix requires only the addition of an egg and some milk.  It says it can serve eight but I”m not sure how many pancakes that translates to.  I think having the whisk on there as well is a cute touch.  I don’t think this will make it until Christmas morning but that’s okay.


Vintage Wooden Ornament-$?

The website for this company doesn’t have pricing because they sell to retailers only.  This is a lovely ornament.  It is a bit to large and heavy to hang on the tree but will make a lovely addition to a door or my cubical.


Gingerbread Pecan Peanut Brittle-$6.00

This is something that I think will be good.  I only like a small amount of brittle at a time so this will get shared with everyone.


Ultra Cozy Santa Socks-$5.00

These are from My Christmas Crate and they are super fuzzy.  I have recently had a run of bad luck with my Xmas socks getting holes in them and having to toss them so these arrived at a great time.


Peanuts Good Grief Cafe Charlie Brown Vanilla Cocoa-$1.59

Ooohhh.  I like this one.  These packets are great for work since I can get hot water for free and have a nice cup of hot chocolate.  I’ve never seen this brand before but I have never found one I don’t like.


Holiday Specs-$1.65

OMG!!!! These are so freaking cool!  Once you put them on and look at points of light, such as your Xmas tree lights, it makes every one into a candy cane!  These make me happier than they should.

I am very happy with My Christmas Crate.  There was a good mix of items from all categories.  My favourite item this month is the glasses.  If you sign up for their newsletter you can get 10% off your purchases.  I only got this one for a few months but I think it might become one of my favorite boxes yet.

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