Loves It Newfoundland Box November 2016

Loves It is a box of Newfoundland sourced, hand crafted, home made items.  They are proudly sending out boxes of items they purchase from those local suppliers so that they can show off the greatness of their artists, crafters, and businesses.  They offer both a Standard or a Premium box and monthly or quarterly subscriptions.  Boxes start at $35.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  There will be 4-7 items per box and they say they will range in value from $40-$75.  I am always on the lookout for Canadian boxes and so while I’m not from Newfoundland nor have I ever been there I was still interested in this box.

I was happy to see the warning was back on the box this month.  Opening it up, there was no print on top but a toque I’d have been pissed to cut up.


Froze Ta Det Toque by Figgyduff Dory-$24.00

This toque is sold out on the website but I’m happy to have received one. I don’t speak Newfie but I can understand most of it and this one is rather self explanatory.  I love that they included the one with a pom pom as there is a plain option as well.  Good start to the box.


No Place Like Home Soap-$7.00

This is a partridgeberry and bakeapple soap.  I have no clue what either of those are but it smells amazing.  It is a shea butter soap and I will be putting this at the top of my to use pile. This is actually a duplicate from last months box for me.  It’s not the first time they’ve done that and I’ve emailed them about it, with no response.  It’s a good thing I like this soap.


Indigena Smooth Lip Balm-$4.99

This balm feels so nice!  It is made with Canadian beeswax and sweet orange oil.  I seem to be getting less balms lately so I like to see new ones and Canadian ones at that.  This is also a duplicate from last month.  It is awesome though and makes my lips super soft.


Tuck’s Bee Better Honey-56g $?

This farm doesn’t have a website so I can’t find a value on this jar of honey.  It is a beautiful dark amber and will make my tea so much better!  It is unpasteurized and delicious I’m sure.


June’s Jams & Jellies Blueberry Jam-$4.00

I love when this box sends me food!  The last jam I got from them is almost gone and as I never think to buy blueberry jam I’m excited to open this one.  I love that this is not a giant corporation pumping it out either.  Someone maybe making this in a kitchen or on a small scale production and that makes it taste better in my opinion.

This was my ninth box from Loves It and as normal, I still never have any clue what to expect to be in it besides it all being from Newfoundland.  There is a good mix of products. I just wish for a few of the thing that they would tell me what or why it was included. Value is always hard for this box as I don’t always know where things are from, but this one I was able to find most of it, giving me a value of $39.99 plus the honey. I am sad that two of the items are repeats from the month before.  At least if they’d skipped a couple it would be better.   If you want to check them out click here to go to their site.

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