Klean Box Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Box October 2016

Klean Box is a surprise box full of bath and beauty items from KleanKristi on Etsy.  Each month she sends out a box full of items she makes herself and sometimes she includes items from fellow Etsy sellers as well.  Boxes start at $20 per month and you can get 6 or 12 month plans as well.  She only ships to the United States but due to an ordering glitch on Etsy I was able to order it.  Thankfully we were able to work out a deal with the shipping because it’s rather high to ship to Canada and I was disappointed to possibly have to cancel my order.  Kristi has been fabulous to deal with and I’m hopeful with what I’m going to be getting!  This month was my birthday month and she sends out a double box full of surprises for that as well so there might be a mix of things that fit both themes.


The box came very full and very heavy.  The theme was obvious right off the bat.

This is a cool thing!  You attach it to the back of your phone and it can then be a kickstand or a way to give you better grip on your phone.  The only issue I see is that I change my case pretty regularly and I’m not sure how many times you can stick and unstick this.


Oops!  I thought I got this right side up.  Oh well…this is a blank all occasion card and envelope.  I have lots but this one is cute and it’ll be used.


This is a Get Happy Bath Bomb.  It doesn’t really say what the scent is but it smells sweet and nice.  It is one of the bigger ones I’ve received and I’m going to add it to my pile of bath products.


This is a Sugar Cookie Sugar Soap Scrub.  It come with the little spoon to get it out.  I always forget to use my scrubs and really need to get them out more.  Especially now that it’s freezing here and my skin could use some pampering.


Back to something that is for sure with the theme, a breast cancer ribbon stress ball.  I am always overcome with the urge to throw this at people instead of squeezing it so I think it’s best to just give it to the girls to play with.


These are so pretty!  They have pink beads encircled by silver wire.  I love them!


This is a breast cancer nail file.  The message is one that needs to be shared and you can’t go wrong having one of these around everywhere you are.


These hair clips are good.  They have a funky pattern on them that will add some flair when you wear them.  They had a price tag on the back for $10.00.


So these are awesome….it’s an LED set of lights that spell out Happy Birthday!  I will get so much use from these with the girls and just randomly annoying co-workers.  They also had a tag on theme and they are $3.00.


I don’t know the last time I ate a lollipop but these ones do tempt me.  My parents would never buy me the big swirly ones like this as a child and I so desperately wanted to have one.  Now  I have three and I don’t feel the crazing so much.

20161108_144754This is a full sized bottle of shower gel.  It has quite a strong perfumy smell to it but that might dissipate when used in the shower.  I like it though and the pump top makes it so much easier to use.

20161108_144810This is Kassidy’s Konfetti B-day Cake Soap.  I should have taken a side picture too so you could see the layers.  This part is the “icing” top with a candle.  The bottom half looks like fun-fetti cake.

20161108_144820This is a reusable shopping bag all folded up to look like a cupcake.  These are one of those things you always need to have in your car and that’s where this will end up one I open it.

20161108_144829This is such a cute little note pad that I don’t even want to use it.  The lined paper is what gets me!  It has a magnet on the back so you can stick it someplace handy.


These two pencils are also upside down apparently.  I have the new method of making posts that WordPress has gone to.  I haven’t got it mastered yet.  I’m happy to get more pencils though.  They are good to have around, especially with two kids to get though school for the next 20 years.

20161108_144859I have never seen a puff with things in it before.  This is a nice big puff and since they get so gross after a few months of use I need more to keep switching out.

20161108_144910This Passionfruit Rose Lip Balm is nice.  It smells great and feels good on my lips.  I’m once again amazed at all the different things that this lady can make.  It seems like there is something new each box.

20161108_144947These little polishes were tucked in the bag with a few extras.  The tattoos are fun and the two polishes will work good together.  I’m a sucker for a glitter polish so that’s where I would go first but the Pink Chiffon is nice too.

Near the bottom of the box I found a wrapped present!  Inside was a sleep mask, soap, bracelet and magnet.  I like that she took the time to wrap them up and make it fun wen she could have just tossed them all in the box loose and I’d have still received the items but with less joy.

20161108_145133Last we have a wooden soap dish.  These make your soap last longer and since I don’t have one in my upstairs bathroom, it has a home.

This was my fourth box from Klean Box and it was great.  The box was a great mix of the theme and the birthday items.  It really says something about the person curating these that they would go out of their way just to make you feel special for your day.  Everything in it fit the theme perfectly and the main items were handmade, which is what you expect from anything on Etsy.  I can’t wait to get more boxes from here and am now even more excited that I was able to actually get the box.


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