Eternally In Amber November 2016

Eternally In Amber is a bi-monthly box that sends out hair accessories.  They promise the items to be both high quality and on trend.  They also have an online shop where you can grab items or add items into your box to save on shipping fees.  They have two box options, Basic, which has 2-3 items and Deluxe, which is 4-5.  They start at $15.00 a month and shipping for me was $4.00, which is really fair I think.  This is the first hair accessories boxes I have found and since I’m always looking for new things not only for myself but for Bug too I decided to give it a go.

They send this out in such a cute little box.  Inside things are packed up and attached to the lid is a letter.


The letter tells you all about this months selections and the choices that were made by Amber.


Tortoise Shell Hair Clip-$8.00 and Pastel Styling Hair Clip Set-$8.00

I’m not sure this round clip will hold my hair all that well since it’s so fine but it has a strong clasp and teeth on the bottom so maybe.  I like the colour and it’ll be a good neutral item for work.  The barrettes are nice and they will work to give added strength to up do’s.

Curved Pony Barrette-$12.00

I love this one!  It’ll hold all of my hair and will be less severe than a normal pony tail.  The colour of this one will work with almost anything as well.


White/Cream Swirl Bauble Ponytail Holder-$8.00

This reminds me of the crazy ponytail holders of my youth.  You know the ones….that would snap back and break your fingers when you missed getting them latched?  This one just has the ball as a design on a regular holder but it’s solid so you could do some damage.

The box this time has a value of $36.00.  That is great for what you paid but I know that there is no way I would ever pay these prices for any of these items.  They are good quality and I will get lots of use from them.  I went with the Deluxe box and got the four items as promised this month.  I also had no issues with Customs this time.



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