Teacher’s Black Box November 2016

Teacher’s  Black Box is a box of items which will include “basic and innovative supplies to enhance their educational impact”.  Now I am not a teacher but if you put a chance to get stationery in front of me, there’s only a small chance I’ll turn it down.  They also say there will be a snack in every box.  Boxes start at $20.00 but go down with longer terms.  Normally the shipping on this one would have stopped me from ordering but they were offering a promo code “ONETIME” that gave you free shipping on orders over $50.  That code is still valid so make sure you use it if you want to sign up.  Let’s see what joy they have delivered to me today.


This box was very fall feeling upon opening.  I hate these tissue packing papers though.  They get everywhere and you can’t clean them up!


This is neat.  It hangs over your cubical walls so you can hold your coat or umbrella.  I do work in a cubical but my walls are thick and I’m not sure if this will go over.  I do plan to give it a try though.


The snack this time is another fruit snack.  I like them and they make a great addition to my lunch bag so yay!


There are two beautiful Thank You cards.  November is American Thanksgiving so these are timely inclusions. Both are blank on the inside.


This is a four pack of dry erase markers.  I love that they have the magnet on them so you can just stick them to the board and not have them disappear.  They are just the basic colours but for work they will be what I use mostly.


This is a positivity card? I guess encouragement card would be more like it.  It is very pretty and has a jewel on it, adding that little bit more.  It is also blank on the inside.


These binder clips are rather teacher specific.  It is a six pack with different colours and sayings to group your papers and make things easier.  If I washi tape up the clips they will be nice large clips that I can use for anything I want.

This month was just okay for me.  A few of the things are really great and a couple are not for me, but that’s only because I’m not a teacher.  I can see how these things would be useful for a teacher and they also work well for those of us who love these things.  I’m not sure how any of these particular items are innovative but maybe I’m missing that part of it.   You can find this box on CrateJoy if you are interested.



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