Advent Calendars 2016

So I may have gone slightly overboard on Beauty Advent Calendars this year.  They are just so much fun and I love the surprise!  I was actively searching them out this year and while I found sooooo many, most were not shipping to Canada or would for more than the calendar was worth.  I have finally received all of them and now I will show you what I’ve received.  I will not be doing a daily post on what was in each one because honestly I just don’t have the time each day to make it happen but it I get a chance I’ll throw something up.  Enjoy!

20161112_150000 20161112_150017 20161112_150009

The Beauty Secret II by LookFantastic

I loved last years so much that I reserved this years in like April.  They don’t charge you for it until it ships but at least your name is on a list somewhere and you can get one before they sell out.  This calendar is huge!  If last year is anything to go on there will be some full sized items and lots of great samples.  This is one of the few that doesn’t have the product list on the back.

20161028_133818 20161028_133905 20161028_133854

W7 Countdown to Christmas

I had seen this one online and decided against it because it didn’t seem all that great.  Then I found it for $19.99 at Winners and really, how could I pass that up.  As you can see on the back, if I chose to look super close I would know exactly what is in there, just not what day for each one.  This is another British company like LookFantastic above.

20161014_125526 20161014_125533

Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar

I was stoked to find this one on Amazon!  I had looked at the actual site but it was way too much for me to justify.  These are soaps and bath products and this one smells great through the packaging.  Also from Britain.  I’m sensing a theme here……

20160930_141049 20160930_141124 20160930_141056

Sephora Advent Calendar

Hey one that actually came from Canada!   This is full of Sephora brand products and it could be makeup, bath, or accesoories.  Once again I am not looking at the back and have no idea what I will find inside.

20160930_141145 20160930_141219 20160930_141158

Decleor Paris Advent Calendar

I found this one on the LookFantastic website and I have almost no clue what it will be.  Their tag line says Skin Body Mind but that doesn’t tell me anything really.  This is quite a big box and I’m thinking it will be filled with lovely treats just for me.

20161004_141543 20161004_141559

Asos Beauty Calendar

This is one I found from an American site.  It looks like it will be a mix of plenty of brands that I know and others that I’ve heard of but never tried.  It is another one that is huge and takes up a ton of space but that just means bigger things inside!

20161011_141108 20161011_141115

Mad Beauty 12 Days of Christmas

This was also from the Asos site.  It was under $20.00 and that made it a no brainer.  It is super cute and fun and festive and I am now stuck with do I start it on the first of December or the twelfth?

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Beauty Advent Calendar

They had two calendar options this year but I just went with the regular instead of the deluxe.  I like that it’s filled with the limited edition seasonal scents and I use the travel sizes all the time in the summer.  Yay Body Shop!


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