The Crafty Mail Monster Mash Handmade Subscription Box October 2016

The Crafty Mail is an Etsy shop that sells planner clips and glitter dipped tumblers.  They also put together a subscription box of items from themselves and other sellers, which is what I went with.  Boxes can be pre-ordered a few month in advance and you’ll know the theme before you buy.  Boxes are $38.47CAD a month or go down quite a bit if you buy more than one at a time.  Shipping is included in the price.  I used to get a similar box a while ago that had a different mix of items and liked it so decided to give this one a try.  The nice thing about boxes like this is that not all of the companies will ship to Canada so you’d never get to have their products any other way.  This month is Monster Mash.

20161024_172544 20161024_172551

This box has a mix of items and you never know.  They also send a sheet that tells you where the items came from so you can find more if you decide you can’t live without them.


Coloring Sheet by Crochet Cadeaux-$2.08

This is a very detailed page.  I like the drinking glasses and the rest of the Halloween things hidden inside.


Hallowen Tree Tea by Kiper’s Lil Tea Shop-$2.08

This tea is a mix of cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice, pumpkin seeds, dandelion root, cacao shells and nibs, and chicory root.  It should be a tasty blend and feel warming as you drink it.


Coffee Mug by The Crafty Mail-$19.36

This is a great Halloween mug.  I love the saying!  The lettering is not dishwasher safe but that’s okay, as long as I tell everyone in the house not to stick it in there.  It’s a bigger mug, which I love as well.  No one wants just 8 oz of a hot drink.


Planner Clip by Heart Of Joy Creations-$2.08

This is an awesome planner clip.  I know it’s past the season right now but I will be trading out the one I have for this one.  I did get this box in plenty of time before Halloween, I’m just reviewing it late.


Planner Stickers by CraftyBeautee-$1.85

I’m loving getting a page of these each month.  I have managed to use them each month and I like the way they make my planner just a touch more fun.


Bath Bomb by Laura Botanicals-$1.39

This is a pumpkin shaped bath bomb.  It doesn’t say what scent it is but it seems floral and feminine to me.  I’m in a tub once a week as a relax away from the family so I’m happy to have anything to add to that experience.


Gift Tags by The.Party.Fox-$5.55

I don’t think I’ve ever given a Halloween gift so I’m not sure when I would use these but I can add them to letters or use them to decorate something.


Magnet by JSB Arts-$7.63

How cute is this little witch?  It is a ceramic disc and I think it’s a sticker laminated on top. On the fridge right now.

This box is so much fun for me.  There were eight items this month and that mug has just become my new daily drinker.  It all fits into the theme really well and I like all the planner items.  The products had a value of $42.02, using the prices from the Etsy shop. I enjoy these mixed boxes a lot and I think will keep this one around for a while.


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