Julep Maven October 2016

Julep Maven is a monthly beauty box full of their own brand of cosmetics and nail polishes.  You can take the box they select or trade out items and colours to get exactly what you want each month.  You also get access to their online store before anyone else each month and can add on any amount of extras you want (paying for them on top of your box of course).  When you sign up you take a little quiz so they get to know your likes and can curate your box just for you.  All items in the box are full sized.   Boxes start at $24.99 a month but they do go down if you pick a longer plan.  They are also always giving away something for joining so make sure you look around a bit first.  I got a set of items worth $112.00 for free!  I have waited quite a while before joining this one as they mostly are nail polish and I don’t need anymore of that but since you can customize your box I was able to reduce the polish and up the makeup.


If there seems like there is a bunch of stuff in my box this month, you’re right.  I used my Julep points to get free stuff!  Yay!

20161007_131122 20161007_131131

They sent a card letting everyone know that there was a bonus item in the boxes.  Also the card tells you all about one of the products this month that is new.


Fluid Eye Glider-$16.00

“A jet black, water-resistant eyeliner pen with a no-fray precision point felt tip that makes it easy to create thin or thick lines. Dries fast and stays put for 12+ hours. Ophthalmologist tested.”  So, like their other eye liners, this one does not move.  Liquid liner in a pen is the only way I can not look like my 2YO drew my eyes on.


Night Shift-$27.20

“A reparative moisture mask that does the heavy lifting while you’re fast asleep so you wake up to a brighter, smoother, and firmer complexion.” This is a night cream that you apply as regular and leave on until morning.  I try to remember to do a night routine but it does get lost in the bustle of kids and things to remember.


When Pencil Met Gel in Forest Green Shimmer-$12.60

“A waterproof eye pencil with the formula of a gel eyeliner that glides on smoothly without tugging or skipping. Sets in 30 seconds and provides 10+ hours of wear. Ophthalmologist tested.” I can’t say enough about their liners.  I love them, have most colours at this point and they are just great.  I have actually tested them on my hand, bathed my kids, and had it still be there.  They are amazing.


Gel Eye Glider Sharpener-$8.00

“A travel-friendly tool that sharpens our eye gliders to a pointed tip for more precise application.” You don’t need a special sharpener for the liners but this was the first of my free items and I like that it keeps all the shavings tidy.


When Pencil Met Gel in Gilded Gold Shimmer-$12.60

“A waterproof eye pencil with the formula of a gel eyeliner that glides on smoothly without tugging or skipping. Sets in 30 seconds and provides 10+ hours of wear. Ophthalmologist tested.” As above, these things are my favourite.  Seriously.


Gold Triangle Nail Decals

“Subtle triangle nail decals that are so on trend this season and beyond.”  I was running low on free points and these caught my eye.  I usually don’t have the time to bother with decals but these are small and classy enough to use for work as well.


Nail Color in Desiree-$11.20

This was a bonus item in everyone’s boxes this month.  It is a holographic top coat and I think it’s great.  I don’t normally get any of their polishes because I don’t need any more but the odd one is a good surprise.


Nail Color in Colton-$11.20

This was another bonus item for having three add on items in my box.  It is a super dark purple, that looks more black than anything else.

This was my fourth Julep Maven box. I love the liner, if you can’t tell.   The items had a value of $98.80 and I used the Maven pricing, which is better than regular retail.  If you want to try them out or really like nail polish, click here to visit their site.



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