Julep Maven November 2016

Julep Maven is a monthly beauty box full of their own brand of cosmetics and nail polishes.  You can take the box they select or trade out items and colours to get exactly what you want each month.  You also get access to their online store before anyone else each month and can add on any amount of extras you want (paying for them on top of your box of course).  When you sign up you take a little quiz so they get to know your likes and can curate your box just for you.  All items in the box are full sized.   Boxes start at $24.99 a month but they do go down if you pick a longer plan.  They are also always giving away something for joining so make sure you look around a bit first.  I got a set of items worth $112.00 for free!  I have waited quite a while before joining this one as they mostly are nail polish and I don’t need anymore of that but since you can customize your box I was able to reduce the polish and up the makeup.

20161107_180710 20161107_180719

They send your package out in a lovely purple box.  Inside things were snugly nestled in some squiggles.

20161107_180740 20161107_180753

They do send out an info card but it’s more of an advertisement then a standard card.  This month is letting you know about the new collection, Light & Shadow.  This is also the first month I haven’t made any changes to what they wanted to send me.


Eyeshadow 101 in Pearl Shimmer-$18.00

” A waterproof, crème-to-powder shadow stick on top with a spongy smudger on the other end.”  This is my first eyeshadow from them and I like it.  It’s a great shimmer shade and I will get lots of use from it.


Eyeshadow 101 in Copper Shimmer-$18.00

” A waterproof, crème-to-powder shadow stick on top with a spongy smudger on the other end.”  Obviously the same blurb as the item in the same, only the colour is different.  This one is much darker than I expected it to be, but it’s really pretty.  The colours look good together and are very thick and not sheer at all.  These also do not smudge once they set.


When Pencil Met Gel in Blackest Black-$16.00

” A waterproof eye pencil with the formula of a gel eyeliner that glides on smoothly without tugging or skipping.”  I am truly in love with their liners.  They do not budge in any way.  I think I have 6 or 7 of them now and they are my favourites.   I can literally rub my finger over these and they don’t fade or smudge or anything.  Brilliant!

This was my fifth Julep Maven box and for not choosing the items, I’m  happy with it.  I love the liner.   The items had a value of $52.00.  I only have one box left and I can’t wait.  If you want to try them out or really like nail polish, click here to visit their site.



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