Paper & Pen October 2016

Paper & Pen is a monthly subscription box that promises to send out 3-4 paper goods and supplies each month.  They pick items from around the globe and send those unique items to you.  Boxes start at $20 a month but go down with longer plans.  Shockingly for me, shipping is free!  Let’s see what they sent out!

20161101_131829 20161101_131841

I love that they take care to make the little parcel look so nice inside the envelope.  Once I got that open I could see my goodies.  I can’t find the actual theme online yet but it seems to be something maybe Galactic?


These two pens are gel pens, one in dark blue and one in light green.  They are called the Starry Sky and it’s easy to see why.

20161101_131904 20161101_131912

Next was this white gel pen and these black sticky notes.  I’m so glad they included those because I never have anything that these pale pens write on and I’d have been so sad to get the pen with no paper.

20161101_131924 20161101_131938

There was this thin notebook in there.  The pages are lined and have a space on the top for a date and page number.


Lastly there were these Earth sticky notes.  I think sticky notes are the greatest thing ever so I’m happy to get more.  I have never seen ones like these before and I think I’ll wait a while to use them because I like them so much.

I’ve been happy with this box.  There is not a ton of stuff in it but that was made clear in their info.  I couldn’t find prices on most of the stuff this month.  I like that some of the products are from smaller companies and Etsy companies.  It shows that they really do search out interesting items instead of just buying lots off Amazon.

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