Curiosity Box October 2016

Curiosity Box is a Canadian monthly subscription that sends out craft and activity boxes for children 3-7.  They hope to inspire curiosity and creativity in kids and help families have quality time together.  You can buy single boxes or 3,6,and 12 month plans.  You can also get Curiosity Kits that are made for birthday parties, homeschooling or daycare groups.  Single boxes start at $26.55 and plans begin at $26.50/month and go down with longer subscriptions.  Shipping within Canada in included!  In the monthly plans they include an item from their current partner and in the months published, a copy of Parent’s Canada magazine.  I have been looking to replace the craft one I was getting for Bug so finding one and a Canadian one to boot is awesome!


The ship out in a pretty flat box that has their logo in the corner.

20161013_180806 20161013_180823

Inside everything is nicely wrapped up and under that is a full box.

20161013_180840 20161013_180834

They include a tri-fold info card and instruction sheet.  It tells you the theme, Happy Spook-Tacular Halloween, along with how to do each craft, bonus activities, and fun facts based on the theme.


Happy Halloween Sign

This craft is all peel and stick pieces.  You need to apply them in a sort of order to end up with the right image but it’s simple and I can have bot girls share in the putting them on.


Reflector Spider Wristband

We have actually made this from another box but it’s fun and super quick.  You make the spiders body out of the reflectors and the rest is preglued so you can stick them together.


Funny Skeleton Hanging Decoration

This one uses the cutout pieces held together with brads and glow in the dark paint to make an adorable wall hanging.  They also sent a stretchy spider web to help you decorate.


Race To The Haunted House For Candy Game

This is a board game the need to be coloured in and then you roll the giant die and more your witch or zombie around the board.  The pieces can also be used as finger puppets.

20161013_181049 20161013_181107

The bonus items this month include some tattoos, a sticky hand, a springy ghost, a light up necklace and a pumpkin sticker page.

There doesn’t seem to be a sponsor this month.  There usually is one listed on the front of the pamphlet.  I think this is going to be a good box for Bug.  She loves these kind of crafts, and I like that most are simple and quick enough to do before bed or supper.  The crafts seem to be coming from Oriental Trading and I’m fine with that because I would totally be ordering from there myself if I could figure out hat to do with the 17 other packages of the same crafts you need to buy at once.  The instructions are clear and the additional activities don’t require crazy supplies no one would have.  I am grateful to find any Canadian boxes and am glad to support them.  If you want to join this one, send me a message and I can give you a code for a discount off a 3 month plan.

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