Miss Tutii TutiiBag October 2016

Miss Tutii is an Asian beauty subscription that offers a few different options.  You can choose from the TutiiBox, TutiiBag, or the TutiiMask.  Plans start at $12.00 and there is a shipping charge to Canada.  They ship out popular or trending items from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  Your package may include skincare, makeup, hair care , beauty tools, or body and you can expect 4-5 deluxe or full sized items.   The TutiiBag is just a smaller version of the TutiiBox so if you subscribed to both you will get duplicates.

20161020_175521 20161020_175542

This one ships out in a bubble mailer, this month bright pink.  Inside that we find the organza bag full of goodies.

20161020_175601 20161020_175609

They have a fun info card, very timely.  On the back we have a list of the items, the values, and what and how to use each one, in English.


A’peiu Aqua Nature Pore Management Blackhead Clean Off Nose Pack-$12.00

This is a mask that you use in your blackhead problem areas.  You spread it on and wait 15 minutes for it to dry.  After that you massage it in and then rinse.  It gets kind of rubbery and balls up when you rub it.


Dr.G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner Sample-$6.92

I love getting toner samples because they are so rare in these boxes!  This one is made to sooth flaky skin and add moisture.  It smells great and I’m sure it’ll work fine.


Etude House Put Your Hands Up Cottony Deo Tissue-$7.00

This is a type of deodorant.  You rub it on your armpits and it removes the sweat and smell.  I’ve never used anything like this before but I’m willing to try it…..but maybe on a day I don’t have to be anywhere important.


TonyMoly Easy Touch Lip Liner-$6.00

I think the TonyMoly products are fabulous and just love them.  A lip liner is never high on my list of wants, simply because I rarely use them anymore but there is sometimes a need.  The colour is listed as 05 but it’s a brick red that’ll be good for autumn and winter colours.


Mamonde Floral Essential Mask-$3.00

There were a variety of options sent out and I got Witch Hazel Soothing.  It is made for brightening and moisturizing.  I have quite a few masks in my stash right now but I’m slowly getting through them and will get to this one.

I’m still liking this bag! The items are useful and there is a good mix of products.  I did get makeup this month, so that’s a bonus.  There is nothing in this one that I would want to swap so I’ll have to try that feature out later.  This month had a value of $34.92.   I like getting the Asian beauty products and it’s been a while since I got many so this subscription should be a fun one.

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