Eternally In Amber September 2016

Eternally In Amber is a bi-monthly box that sends out hair accessories.  They promise the items to be both high quality and on trend.  They also have an online shop where you can grab items or add items into your box to save on shipping fees.  They have two box options, Basic, which has 2-3 items and Deluxe, which is 4-5.  They start at $15.00 a month and shipping for me was $4.00, which is really fair I think.  This is the first hair accessories boxes I have found and since I’m always looking for new things not only for myself but for Bug too I decided to give it a go.


The box looked lovely upon opening it up.  I couldn’t see any actual hair items but I like the pretty Hello.


They stick the info card and letter to the lid, which I think is genius.  This tells you about the theme, Modern Luxury, and why the items fit that.  It also lists the included items and whether or not they are included in the Deluxe or Standard box.


Tortoise Shell Bun Cover-$16.00

I think this is beautiful.  It will work well in my hair and the stick feels really solid and not like it’ll fall out from just me doing my normal life.  There is also little teeth on the clip to hold it in place.


Pinch Clip-$14.00

I am so happy this has a metal clip under the decorative top.  The plastic ones don’t work and I break them all the time.  This is nice and big too so it can hold even my waist length with no issues.


Crystal Bobby Pin Set-$18.00

These are pretty and delicate.  The bobby pins themselves are bigger and tight so they don’t slip around.  I rarely wear just a bobby pin alone but I think I can work these in to hold little hairs when the rest is in a ponytail.


Greeting Card-Bonus

As I mentioned above I think this is a beautiful card.  It is blank inside and while it doesn’t scream Fall to me, I will send this off to a penpal and I think it’ll be appreciated.

The box this time has a value of $48.00.  That is great for what you paid but I know that there is no way I would ever pay these prices for any of these items.  They are good quality and I will get lots of use from them.  I went with the Deluxe box and got the four items as promised this month.  I also had no issues with Customs this time.

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