My Christmas Crate September 2016

My Christmas Crate is a monthly box of items to celebrate the festive time of the year, all year long.  Boxes can include anything that might help bring back memories or feelings, such as home decor, culinary items, accessories, candles, kitchen items, and more.  Boxes are $29.95 a month and you will get 3-5 items.  I love Christmas and as soon as December starts I’m wearing Xmas gear and singing carols so this box is right up my alley.  I missed out on their first box that had an awesome mug in it but I’m hoping that there is equally great things in the boxes I do get.

20161006_173609 20161006_173644

The box this ships in a box that makes you feel the spirit right away.  Opening it up, it was all wrapped up.  I couldn’t tell what was in there but I was really excited.

20161006_173656 20161006_173704

They included a card that tells you what items are included and where they came from.


I Still Believe Cotton Tote by My Christmas Crate-$15.95

I love this!  This is a canvas tote with a message to let everyone know how you feel.  You can actually buy this on their site, one of only two items they sell.  This is a good start to this box!


Candy Cane Bliss Body Scrub by Blissfulicious-$18.95

This scrub smells amazing!  It is a little hard but I’m thinking it might still be slightly frozen from hanging out on my porch for a few hours in the snow.  All of their items are free of toxins and a portion of their proceeds goes to helping women and children.


Eggnog Drink Mix by Aspen Mulling-$3.49

This is something I never knew existed at all.  This is a powder that you add to milk or a milk substitute and it makes eggnog.  For that one month of the year, we have eggnog in the house all the time but I’m not sure if this will pass muster.  I guess we’ll see.  They also include a few recipes on the side to help you out.


Wood Plaque Holiday Home Decor by Primitives By Kathy-$4.60

How adorable is this little plaque?  You can’t tell from the picture but all the letters are sparkly.  This is going to be perfect for work!  It’s not way huge but will still add a great festive feel.


Naughty/Nice Napkins by Fine Impressions-?

They don’t have any pricing on the website so I am unable to value these.  I think they are perfect for Christmas though.  The lettering is gilt and doesn’t rub off or leave weird marks on your fingers.

I am very happy with My Christmas Crate.  There was a good mix of items from all categories.  I can’t wait to use the scrub and for it to be December so I can use the rest of the items without being judged.  If you sign up for their newsletter you can get 10% off your purchases.  I only got this one for a few months but I think it might become one of my favorite boxes yet.

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