KidPackz September 2016

KidPackz is a monthly delivery of school supplies.  They send out things that your children might need for either home or school based on the grade level and gender of your child.  They don’t offer a kindergarten box so we chose the Grade 1 level.  They also include an educational toy in each box.  For summer months they say they will include more games and toys instead of supplies.  Boxes start at $15 per month but go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $2.50 per box.  I love school supplies and quite honestly could supply my children for most of their school lives but this will get us more things and provide both them and me with shiny new items to use.

20161006_174206 20161006_174235

This one ships in a flat white box with the logo on a sticker in the middle.  Opening it up, I could see a few of the same items as last month and some other things to discover.

20161006_174331 20161006_174421

Both of these items are duplicates from last month.  I think it’s a little odd to send them again so soon but we’ve already cracked into the crayons from last time so I guess we can use these.  The markers will still be put away until the kids are a little less likely to draw on themselves.


This is a Growing Crystal science kit.  You take the rocks, add the crystal powder and water, and watch them grow.  I think this is fascinating however since I selected what grade of box I wanted they know that my child wouldn’t be 10+, which is the age recommended for these.


This is also a duplicate item.  It is a wide ruled 70 page notebook.  There is nothing wrong with having these on hand for many uses.

20161006_174504 20161006_174628

I’d have put these in the same picture but two were hiding on me and I didn’t see them until later, so two pictures it is!  The only slightly odd part about these is that the two on the right are Easter themed.


Only one sheet of stickers this month.  They are more reward stickers then ones you would simply play with but I can either use them for rewards or the girls will make a giant sticker picture with them.


Once again we have a slightly more adult themed pencil case.  Inside there is a star pencil sharpened, a regular eraser, three shaped erasers, two pencil top erasers, and a pencil hugger.


Lastly lining the bottom of the box is a polka dot portfolio.  It is the type with two pockets on the inside.

This is my second month of this box.  As I mentioned above, I am surprised that they repeated so many items.  I had thought they would send out a few things that are common repeatedly but not back to back months.  The items are good and all usable.   They did a good job making some of it items my girls are into and like.  If you sign up now you can use the code “LAUNCH” to get 5% off your order.

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