Bonjour Jolie TOM Box August 2016

Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month box that sends you your necessary items plus some other products to make you feel a little better during that special time.  You give them some information about your period and then select the 25 items you need in any variation of pads, liners or tampons.  They have a wide selection of brands, so no matter what you use they can cover you. They also include a gift, bath and body items, teas and drinks, candy and snacks, some wipes and if you want, some Advil.  Boxes shipped to Canada are $24.50 a month but do decrease somewhat if you order in 3 or 6 month plans.  You can also add on some extras like heating pads or more Advil for additional costs.  I haven’t received this subscription in a while and decided to give it another go since I had enjoyed it so much the first time around.  Unfortunately it has been nothing but a problem since.  I subscribed in March and while I appear to be getting boxes now I’m still missing a few months.  I have been in constant contact with them and am trying to resolve all the issues and have not had much success.

20160916_131137 20160916_131212

My August box showed up a little late but it did arrive so that’s good!  It was packed right full to the top.


They include a card that tells you all about everything in here.  The theme this month is Have A Spa Day!

20160916_131236 20160916_131246

Most of the items show up in bags to keep them corralled.  It prolongs the surprise.

The Gift


PMS Relief Bath Soak-$14.99

Well I’m guessing my husband will think this might be the most wonderful thing to arrive in a box.  It is vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, nut free, and paraben free.  It may help you with crams, bloating, body aches, pains, and hot flashes.  I take one evening a week for myself and have a bath so I guess I’ll save this until that time of the month and see if it makes a difference.

The Pampering


Reusable Hot Or Cold Gel Eye Mask-$8.99

I have lots of sleep masks but no gel masks.  I think this might be great for my husband when he gets a migraine.  It also says it can be used for puffy eyes and to reduce sinus pressure.


Plumeria Soy Candle-$1.50

This candle smells great.  It is a smaller votive but it is hand poured.  I like it.

The Edibles


Duchess Honey Buns-$1.50

I am quite certain I’ve never received a donut in a box before.  This has plenty of time before it expires and sometimes you just need a late night donut snack.


Nutella To Go Pack-$1.99

I have bought these for myself before and they are delicious!  It’s hard to go wrong with Nutella.


Snyder’s Pretzels-$0.50

I love pretzels but prefer the straight ones.  I will probably add these to Bug’s lunch as a snack for a few days.


Airheads and LaffyTaffy Candy-$1.00

These things have turned out to be great.  I just take them to work and I have a small snack instead of going to the coffee shop for a baked good.  I get the sweet I’m after and I like candy so it makes me happy.


Twinings Tea-$1.25

Tea is so good to receive anytime but especially during that time of the month.  They sent an assortment and while I’ll give the Earl Grey to Hubs I like the rest.


They send out a few packs of Advil and some wipes each month.  You can up these for a fee if you wish.


And the reason for the box.  You can choose from getting a sealed box of your choice or a mix of items you select.  I go for the mix since I use a variety during my time.

I am glad to actually get one of their boxes again and it was as good as the rest.  I enjoy discovering the  couple of things besides the feminine items.  The value of items this month is around $32.00 but no one is buying this box for the value.  With a coupon and a trip to the grocery store I can get more products for less but the little helpers are a way to not have to think about the reason for the box.  It’s also one less thing to remember to buy if you have them delivered.

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