KidPackz August 2016

KidPackz is a monthly delivery of school supplies.  They send out things that your children might need for either home or school based on the grade level and gender of your child.  They don’t offer a kindergarten box so we chose the Grade 1 level.  They also include an educational toy in each box.  For summer months they say they will include more games and toys instead of supplies.  Boxes start at $15 per month but go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $2.50 per box.  I love school supplies and quite honestly could supply my children for most of their school lives but this will get us more things and provide both them and me with shiny new items to use.

20160904_180413 20160904_180427

The box is just plain with the logo in the corner.  Opening it up, it was full!  There was all sorts of things in here.


We can always use new crayons.  This is a box of 48, with the built in sharpener.  Crayons seem to magically disappear in  our house so this basic item is perfect.


Both of the girls are still too young to use markers without a lot of supervision.  These are washable, which is good, but will still be put away for a little bit.


To finish off the colouring triumvirate we have a 10 pack of pencil crayons.  We have an art easel so there is a roll of paper calling these ones names.


This is cool!  It is a My Little Pony chlakboard set.  It has an eraser, chalk, and the board.  I should give this to the kids but I kinda really want it for myself.  Decisions, decisions.

20160904_180537 20160904_180605

Next out we had a pencil case full of goodies.  The case seems more grown-up then I would have thought for a Gr.1 but it’s well made.  Inside are 2 mechanical pencils, a glue stick, a pencil hugger, an eraser, three shaped erasers, and a fish pencil sharpener.  I’m in love.


There is also four regular pencils in neon colours.  We (I) have about 100 assorted pencils but that has never stopped me from buying more anyways and these can join the herd.


This is a 70 sheet notebook.  It is one subject and fully lined.  The cover is plastic so it shouldn’t get all torn up with use.


Hot pink zebra pocket folder?  Of course we need one of those!  We might have a few years before we need this but they are good to have around.

20160904_180702 20160904_180709

There is also two sheets of stickers.  Both girls are right into Finding Dory so there is a clamour for me to hand these over.  The other ones are more teacher-ish but for playing the girls just like that they are shiny.

This is my first month of this box and for a back to school month it is perfect.  There was a good chunk of these items that were on our supply list for Kindergarten and shows that they know what is needed.  They did a good job making some of it items my girls are into and like.  If you sign up now you can use the code “LAUNCH” to get 5% off your order.

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