Game Box Monthly August 2016

Game Box Monthly is a subscription box that sends you out a new tabletop board or card game every month.  They say they will ask you about your preferences and what you already own so they can not send you duplicates but that did not happen with me.  I did find the spot later on their website though.   Boxes start at $25.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping is $10.00 a month, which is more than I would normally want to pay but I signed up for this one when they had a great deal on (50% off) and that balanced out everything so I went for it.  I love playing games and though it’s been a struggle to do with the kids being little and needy right now I’m hoping to get back into it soon.


They sent a card telling you about the main game and what you need to do to play.

20160904_175206 20160904_175215

Four Taverns-$32.77

This is a game for 2-4 players, aged 12 and up.  You try to have the most famous tavern in the land by sending adventurers on quests.  Whoever gets the most wins.  There are various types of characters and you need to use them all to beat the quests.  Each game takes 20-60 minutes to complete.

20160904_175141 20160904_175149

X Marks The Spot-$29.48

The bonus item this month is another game!  This is a tile laying game where you try to make an X pattern before your opponent does.  This one is also for 2-4 players, aged 10 and up, and takes 30-45 minutes to play.

The month had a value of $62.25, taking Canadian prices from Amazon.   I changed my preferences on the site to be more board game heavy instead of card game but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.   Now if I can just convince Hubby to play with me we’ll be all set.


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