Juneberry September 2016

Juneberry Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends out 4-5 full-sized lifestyle items.  These may include jewelry, accessories, make-up or wellness products.  They are a Canadian company as well.  Boxes start at $28.50 every two months but go down with longer plans.  Shipping within Canada is free.  If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a code for $15.00 off a subscription.  Let’s check out what Juneberry has sent!

20160904_175430 20160904_175438

This one comes in it’s own branded box.  It was quite light feeling but opening it up I could see everything was nestled in tissue for safe travels.

20160904_175448 20160904_175457

The theme for this box is Travel.  They even included a personalized tag, almost like a luggage tag.


Worldly Wonders Map Necklace-$22.00

This is a very cute necklace.  I will wear this one and like how Australia is hanging on its own.  It is just plated so I hope it doesn’t turn me green.


DIY Map Coasters-$5.00

They included four coasters to make and you would need to provide your own ModPodge but this is good for me.  I like crafts so I’m okay with it but I’m not sure everyone will be thrilled.  It’s not what people would be expecting from this box I think.

20160904_175554 20160904_175603

Travel Bag Organizer-$6.00

I don’t know how you would use this in a bag since the sides are not that sturdy but I think for a dresser top it would work fine.  It has four little pouches on the front and then the middle is all open.

20160904_175618 20160904_175622

Luggage Tag-$11.00

I don’t travel so I don’t have a use for this but I will put it on my suitcase in hopes of attracting a flight to me.  It is vinyl or plastic and the name card is interchangeable if your info changes.


Sticky Note Set-$4.00

OMG!  I love sticky notes and these ones are so wonderful!!!  They are all British themed and there is one larger one and five page flags.  I use the flags as bookmarks all the time.


Earbud Key-Bonus

I had to dig through the tissue to find this one.  You wrap your earbuds around it and then lock them in the front key part.  Better than just tossing them in your bag and hoping they don’t knot up.

Everything in this months box fit the theme really well.  They included a mix of things and even something for you to do.  The box has a value of $48.00, plus the bonus so they are still about double what you’re paying.  They have been sending out very different things from month to month so it’s always a surprise what I’m going to find when I open this one up.  Shipping was quick as well due to them being a Canadian company.  If you want to check them out click here.



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