Fanspirations June & July 2016

Fanspirations is a monthly delivery of products and presents based off pretty much any fandom you might be a part of.  You can even change which fandom you want to receive every month if you want to.  They offer three sizes of box depending on how much of your fandom you want to receive each month.  The Perfect Deal is $13.00 and gives you 2-4 items, Favourite Deal is $30.00 and includes 5-7 items, and Best Deal is $50.00 and sends 8-11 items.  There are 11 open fandoms right now but the whole collection has 14.  You can choose from 4 plan lengths with a slight price break for longer plans.  This one did take a little while to get to me but now that it’s here let’s see what I can fangirl out with.  My plan right now is Whovian and I just went with the Perfect Deal.  I didn’t get my Jun box so I sent them an email and they just included replacement items in my July box, which was awesome of them.


So many things I am loving from this first look!!!! I have no idea which stuff belongs to which month but it’s all fun.


Bad Wolf Keychain

Bad Wolf is an episode of Doctor Who.  This is a good way to show your love but not shout it if your shy.


Doctor Who Micro-Figures Series 1-$3.35

I like these blind bag toys but always get something crappy.  My losing streak continues with this one.  I received the Silurian General Restac, which is a good character but I’d have loved a Dalek.


Rocket POP Keychain Twelfth Doctor-$2.49

This makes up for the figure above.  I love the 12th Doctor.  I’m partial to any of the Scottish Doctors actually.  He has a tiny Sonic Screwdriver in his hand.


I Heart The Doctor Thigh High Socks-$10.50

These are also awesome.  I don’t know why I would wear them for people to see but I know I will be wearing them.


The Doctor Ring

They sent me a size 7 which is okay but only my ring finger is a 7.  I guess I need to decide if I want to wear my wedding ring or this one.


Tardis Word Print

I love that they sent this already in a frame.  So many times these types of things are just in the box and end up damaged.  I love this and will be displaying it, probably next to my Snape one…….

I was going to switch to the Sherlock theme but I’m really loving all the Doctor Who stuff I’m getting.  Such  big decision!!!!  This is a great geek box and I recommend it to anyone who has a love of one of the fandoms!



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