Benevolent Beauty Box August 2016

Benevolent Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box that sends out between 4 and 7 cruelty-free beauty products.  They promise that everything will be full sized unless it is a bonus item.  They also say that it will be mostly makeup with a possibility of skin, hair, or brushes included.  Boxes start at $15.95 a month for a mini box and $29.95 for the deluxe box, with slight discounts for longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $8.00 a month.  This was another box I snagged on Mother’s Day for a great deal and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

20160904_173545 20160904_173558

This month looked really full but I had a couple of extra items this month to fill it up.

20160904_173606 20160904_173630 20160904_173622

They have a really detailed info card.  There was also an insert telling me about the bonus item I selected.  You had a choice of a few so everyone may have something different.


Bellapierre Vanilla Bean Lip Balm-$10.00

This is a nice balm.  I normally don’t go for vanilla scented thing but this one is less fake than others.  You can also use this to mix any of the Bellapierre shimmer powders into and make lip colours.  I will use it plain and it feels good on my lips.  This is a nice item.


Cougar Products Mineral Blush Powder in Punch-$19.52

So this had powder on the inside but it seems to be still sealed so I’m not sure how that happened.  This is a colour I like.  It goes on me like a natural flush so I’m very happy.  Blushes are always a toss up in boxes because you might not get one that works for you.  I also like that it’s a mineral formula.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lip Locked Stain in Lucky-$24.00

This is a full coverage lip product.  The shade is good, not too dark, and it doesn’t feel sticky at all.  This one combines gloss, primer,and stain in one to last for hours while nourishing your lips.


Nvey Eco Eye Shadow in Mystique-$17.99

There were three possible shades sent out this month and I’m happy with the one I got.  This is a soft grey with almost no shimmer.  It will be a perfect everyday look that I should be able to darken up if I need to be fancier.


yourMinerals Setting Powder in Transparent Veil-$21.00

This is a new product for me!  You dust this on over your foundation and it acts like a veil, giving you a smooth appearance all day.  I’m all for trying this one and I hope it makes a difference.  It sounds like a great product!


Bodisafe Lips & Cheeks in Charmed-$20.00

This was a bonus item.  They had been running a promo to give new subscribers a bonus item and then decided to include all their current subscribers as well.  I’m thinking I’ll use this mostly as a cheek tint.  It goes on almost sheer but leaves your skin looking dewy and flushed.


Red Apple Lipstick in Plum Sexy Crazy

Last month I received a damaged item.  They had no more to send me a replacement so asked if there was another item they could send.  I chose this lipstick.  It’s wonderfully shimmery and not too dark for a plum.

This box is so good.  I have yet to get one that has items I don’t like. The five items included have a value of $92.51 plus the $20 bonus item!  I cannot figure out how they are sending out such high value boxes but I love it.   I don’t really have a preference to vegan or organic but I like makeup in general and everything in this box made me happy.  I think this is going to be a great box for me.  Right now if you want to sign up you can use the code WELCOME to save 10% off your order.

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