Good Luck Sock August 2016

Good Luck Sock is a Canadian company sending out a variety of different sock styles and types.  They have an online shop, a few different monthly options and did I mention they are Canadian?  The sock of the month club offers you one pair of funky socks making it to your mailbox each month.  You can order a 6 or 12 month plan or opt for the Baker’s Dozen, which is the 12 month plus a welcome pair of socks.  Plans start at $72.00 and shipping is free.  The style of sock you will get each month is random but they do promise not to send you out the same pair twice.  They offer a men’s or a ladies option and you can also send these as a gift to someone.


I like getting this envelope in my mailbox.  It is so nice and looks clean and professional.

20160904_172951 20160904_172958

They don’t have an info card but did include a discount code so if you want to join up please make sure you use it!


We have some bird socks this month.  When I pulled out the pair they were sideways and I thought they were unicorns and I almost died from joy.  However once I got them right they are some type of bird and while I am sad to lose unicorns, these ones are still pretty cool.

This is my last sock subscription and it mostly makes me happy.  My only issue is that the socks are not as crazy and loud as I would like.  Shipping for me is super quick since they are only a 6 hour drive away.  I love supporting Canadian boxes and think it’s awesome that they are able to provide products on par with the Americans.  If you want to check them out you can click here to visit their site.

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