LoveLula Beauty Box August 2016

LoveLula Beauty Box is a UK box that is filled with natural beauty products and brands without having to purchase the full sized versions first.  Individual boxes are $52.50 British Pounds a month or a yearly option of $210 British Pounds.  That price includes the shipping fee.  I have had great luck with the other British box I get so while the British exchange was down a bit I went ahead and got this one.


The box this arrived in is a plain white one with the company sticker on the corner.  It arrived in good condition via Royal Mail.


On first look there seemed to be a lot of items packed in there.  The box had a good heft to it and I was pleasantly surprised.

20160819_131559 (1)

They have an info card that tells you what items you received this month, plus a little about them.


Dr.Hauschka Night Serum-2.5mL $5.63

I have sorta become a little addicted to serums.  I don’t know if they are working or not but I really like them and use them morning and night.  This one is specifically for night and is good for all skin types.  It is supposed to stimulate natural renewal processes.


Madara Cellular Repair Serum-15mL $34.66

Ooooo……more serum!  This is a high value sample.  This one is used to improve skin smoothness and also to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  It will last a long time and really give me a chance to see if it makes improvements.


Urban Veda Reviving Collection-20mL, 20mL, & 10mL-$2.77, $3.60, & $6.58

This collection is made up of Daily Reviving Facial Wash, Reviving Exfoliating Facial Polish, and Reviving Day Cream.  Using these together will clarify and replenish skin tone.  They use rose and botanics to make your skin feel and look great.


Madera Time Miracle Trial Set-1.5mLx5 $10.00

This trial set includes Cellular Repair Serum, Ultimate Facelift Day Cream, Total Renewal Night Cream, Age Defense Day Cream, and Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream.  That covers my entire face care routine so I think it should be all good.  I now have two samples of the serum but that’s okay.


Humble Natural Beauty Body Wash-200mL $13.86

This is a full sized item.  It is rose and frankincense scented and while I wouldn’t think those work together, it’s really nice.  I’m glad to get a full sized item too.

For my first box from LoveLula I’m very happy.  It was heavy on skincare but that it mostly what they have on their site so it wasn’t a surprise.  The value this time is $77.10 and there was one full sized item.  They other ones were larger and getting a collection of stuff is very different from what I’ve received before.


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