The Crafty Mail Back To School Handmade Subscription Box August 2016

The Crafty Mail is an Etsy shop that sells planner clips and glitter dipped tumblers.  They also put together a subscription box of items from themselves and other sellers, which is what I went with.  Boxes can be pre-ordered a few month in advance and you’ll know the theme before you buy.  Boxes are $38.47CAD a month or go down quite a bit if you buy more than one at a time.  Shipping is included in the price.  I used to get a similar box a while ago that had a different mix of items and liked it so decided to give this one a try.  The nice thing about boxes like this is that not all of the companies will ship to Canada so you’d never get to have their products any other way.  This month is all about Back To School.


There was no info card in this one but they do have a list of their sponsors, with the items that are from each shop so it’s kinda the same.  It also makes it really easy to find more of any item that catches your fancy.


Apple Bookmark-$3.99

What a great way to start this box.  I always need more bookmarks and this one is super cute.  My own crochet skills are not anywhere near this level and so I’m happy to appreciate someone else’s work.


Cinnamon Apple Green Tea-$2.00

I love tea and when I’m not camping (like I am now) I have a cup every night before bed.  Green tea is a nice change from the standard herbal tea that’s my go to.


Planner Clips-$4.58 x 4 and Washi-$1.99

These are from the site that puts together these boxes and I love them.   My planner is sadly lacking much more beyond some stickers but all of these things will help remedy that.


Truffula Tree Pencil

Who doesn’t want a pencil with a tulle flower on the top???  Seriously this is awesome.  Love it.  Nothing more to say.


Reusable Snack Bag-$2.33

I honestly was just looking at online tutorials to make these things and I got one in a box!  Bug is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and she’ll need lunch so anything that can make it fun and be useful is a win.


Note Pad-$3.19

I love notepads and a checklist is probably the best notepad of all.  It makes my OCD so very happy!  This is right in there with the theme and just a great addition.  Also the pages are thick cardstock not regular paper.


Planner Stickers-$3.32

Yay!!! More things to make my planner great!  I keep thinking about getting a planner sticker sub and can’t quite commit so this is a good way to see if I’ll actually use them or just have big hopes to use them.


Harvest Apple Bath Melt-$1.33

Sadly this little guy did not travel well.  He was just in the organza bag and there are bits of bath bomb all over everything.  It’ll still work and is whole enough to fizz up so while I wish it was in better shape I’ll use it anyways.

I’m happy with my first month of this box.  It all fit into the Back To School theme really well and there was a good mix of items.  The products had a value of $36.47 which does cover the box price with shipping so that’s great.  I enjoy these mixed boxes a lot and I think will keep this one around for a while.


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