Beauteque BB Bag July 2016

The Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly subscription that sends you out 6-8 full sized products from make-up, skin care, beauty tools, body care, hair care, or lifestyle products.  It is Asian beauty products that are included and I love all the odd things they include.  They do offer a mask only bag as well that will send you 9-11 masks.  Bags start at $24 or $15 for the masks and do go down with longer plans. Shipping to here was $6.95/month.


Beauteque always sends out items that are way bigger than the bag.  I’m not complaining at all, just commenting.  There has been at least one item loose in the box each month.  Everything is protected by bubble wrap and arrives safely.

20160809_140929 20160809_140935

They have a good info card.  It gives a lot of information about each item including the price and possibly most importantly, the English instructions for the items.


The bag this month is really fun.  It fits the theme of Passport Destination Beauty.


Milky Dress Deo Essence Soft Armpit Cream-$17.99

This cream is applied after showering to help reduce the darkened armpits caused by shaving.  This isn’t really an issue for me but I’m sure this cream will not have any real negative issues so I’ll give it a go and see what happens.


Light-Blocking Sleeping Eye Mask-$5.00

We are almost past the time when I need one of these since the sun is not up as early as it was.  That being said I have two of them that hang off my headboard and this one can join them without anyone being the wiser.


Esfolio Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera-$14.50

You could have received either the aloe or pure snail gel.  I’d have been fine with either.  This is great for sunburns and any burns really.  This is a huge tub of this and I will probably put it to use as an after shower moisturizer.

20160809_140943 20160809_140950


Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin-$7.99

This giant packet is separated into 5 compartments, each with their own job.  You start with a cleanser, then ampoule, sheet mask, face cream, and neck cream.  It is made to help your complexion and make you glow.


Inner Skin Soothing Cleanser Water-$12.00

I am not really a fan of the cleansing water.  It does save time and works well but I like a bubbly cleanser I can wash off.  It makes me feel like it’s working better.


Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Lip Tint Pack  in Cherry Red-$8.00

So I have been wanting to try one of these for a while now.  This is a lip gloss where you apply it on, let it sit and then peel off a coat of it.  It leaves your lips stained and it is supposed to last through anything you can put your mouth around.  It does feel a little odd on while you’re waiting for it to dry but I’m so excited.

My fifth continues the awesomeness of the rest. I love that freaking lip gloss so much!!!!!  This month’s value is $65.48, which is fabulous.  I’ve had a bit of regret with a few boxes lately but this one is not one of those! As I noted last month,  I have already seen all the spoilers for next month because they send them out, which I don’t care for.  I want to be surprised and usually avoid the spoilers from other people so it’s frustrating to get the emails.  I choose to delete them without opening.


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