White Willow July 2016

White Willow is a monthly lifestyle box that sends out surprise items from beauty, fashion, home, culinary, or all around lifestyle themes.  They ship out four to five items and are a Canadian company.  That makes me so happy I was okay paying slightly more than I normally would for a box.  They promise a value of $70, so let’s hope they meet that.  Subscriptions start at $35 a month but do go down a bit with longer plans.  Shipping to here is $8.50/month.  They are changing all that up starting now.  If you subscribe now you will get boxes every other month.  Anyone who was already on a plan will continue to get boxes monthly until their time is up.


This subscription has the nicest and most professional of all the boxes I receive.  It is truly a gift each month.


Under all that wrapping I could only see one thing!  Darn it.

20160718_143430 20160718_143438

They have a lovely info card.  It lists your items, along with a description about them and the value.


My Metallics Collection Mug “Believe” by Ashdene-$18.00

This is a bone china mug with a great message on it.  It is unfortunately hand wash only and not able to go in the microwave which means I may not use it as much as I would want to.


Makeup Bag by Sweet Water Decor-$26.00

This bag is huge.  It would hold all of my makeup plus my toiletries and a brush.  It is made from cotton canvas and has a zippered top.


Split Pan Bronzer & Highlighter by Manna Kadar Cosmteics-$27.00

This is everywhere lately.  This is actually the third one of these I’ve received in a month.  The bronzer is too dark for me but I like the highlighter.  Obviously won’t be opening this one up anytime soon.


Dolce De Leche Caramel Spread by Caramoomel Natural Fine Food Creations-$6.00

This is a gooey caramel spread that can be served over breakfast, cakes, cookies, fruit, ice cream, or in your coffee.  I don’s use much caramel sauce but I’m thinking this deserves a treat.


White Bud Vases-$12.00

These are lovely and I have some flowers blooming in my beds right now that will work in these.  They are a soft white and have a semi shiny glaze on them that keeps them from looking too modern.

My fourth box leaves me just as impressed as my first three boxes from White Willow. The value is $89.00.  This month had items more to my personal tastes than last month. As a result,  I like everything in it and will gladly try it all out.  Sometimes you find things you can no longer live without and sometimes not so much.  I am always happy to find a Canadian box and this one is a good one! If you want to try them out click here.


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