LVL Up+ by Loot Crate July 2016

LVL Up is a monthly subscription catering to people looking for geek clothing and accessories.  They allow you to choose between four options, socks, t-shirts, wearables, and female accessories.  You can also select the wearable and sock bundle if you wanted more than just the one choice.  Plans start from $11.99USD and while shipping is included in the US to get things here you need additional shipping fees.  I have chosen the accessories option which sends out 1-2 items each month.  This month’s theme is Futuristic.


They sent this month in a huge bag again and it was very empty feeling and light.

20160806_180000 20160806_180127 (1) 20160806_180112

The do send an info booklet that lets you know the theme, a little bit about the collection, and shows you what each plan options items were.  It’s brilliant marketing really because you get to see what really cool things you could get if you were subscribed to the others as well.


My item this month is a Bioshock Racerback Tank Top.  I have no clue what Bioshock is.  I do think the tank is cool and I will wear it so that’s good at least.  This is only the second time I’ve received clothes from them.

This month was just okay for me.  I like the item but have no idea what the background is.  I’d have liked the Futurama item better.  I’m having some buyers regret with this one, though a few of the  months have helped alleviate that slightly.   It’s neat stuff but so far nothing that has wowed me.  You can visit their site by clicking here to explore all the options.

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