Miss Tutti TutiiBag July 2016

Miss Tutii is an Asian beauty subscription that offers a few different options.  You can choose from the TutiiBox, TutiiBag, or the TutiiMask.  Plans start at $12.00 and there is a shipping charge to Canada.  They ship out popular or trending items from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  Your package may include skincare, makeup, hair care , beauty tools, or body and you can expect 4-5 deluxe or full sized items.   The TutiiBag is just a smaller version of the TutiiBox so if you subscribed to both you will get duplicates.


Inside of a bubble mailer is this organza bag with all your goodies in it.

20160725_174957 20160725_175002

They include an info card that not only lists your items, but tells you about them, what their price would be to buy more, and most importantly, how to use them.  As with all Asian beauty items the instructions are not necessarily in English on the item.


Rosette Pore Peeling Gel-120g $12.00

This gel uses AHA to remove dead skin, leaving you with brighter and younger looking skin.  You use it after cleansing a few times a week and supposedly it will cause your old skin to ball up so you can wash it away when you rinse.  Ew!  Still going to use it though.


SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Gel-2.5g x 2 $2.10 each

These little packets are filled with a gel that turns to an oil with the warmth of your skin.  It is for use at night and helps to dissolve makeup and environmental impurities from your skin.  You use it before your regular cleanser.


Skinfood Royal Honey Treatment Essential Queen’s Serum-$2.50

This serum is supposed to add a glow to your skin.  I love any beauty product made with honey so this is great.  It smells wonderful and absorbed really fast into my skin.


Yadah Silky Fit Concealer BB Sensitive Skin SPF34 PA++-10mL $9.71

Wow!  You cannot believe how awesome this smells!  It provided good coverage and you can use it all over like a BB cream or just dab it on as a concealer.  I appreceiate that it has the SPF in is since I always forget to put some on before going out.  The colour is also a match for my skin tone, which is nice.


A.C.Care Essence Korean Edition Mask-$3.00

I received a moisturizing mask but they do say there were other variations sent out.  This is a sheet mask that also adds elasticity to your skin while upping the moisture levels.  It does use Swiftlet nest extracts, which doesn’t bother me but I know some people might be put off by that.

I’m still liking this bag! The items are useful and there is a good mix of products.  I would love to get a bit more makeup in this bag but Asian cultures really do seem to focus on skincare more so that is probably why it’s rare.  There is nothing in this one that I would want to swap so I’ll have to try that feature out later.  This month had a value of $31.41.  I think that’s a good value. I like getting the Asian beauty products and it’s been a while since I got many so this subscription should be a fun one.


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