The Hippie Hobby July 2016

The Hippie Hobby is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a DIY craft kit that will incorporate recycled, up-cycled, and natural elements.  They promise to send you everything you need, so even if you’re a beginner crafter you’ll never be caught out missing supplies.  Boxes start at $23.95 plus $5.99 shipping to Canada.  There are discounts for 3 or 6 month plans.  Since boxes are every other month, a 6 month plan gets you a year.  I am always looking for craft boxes and most are either way too expensive for me or the shipping is ridiculous so I’m hoping this one will bring me joy.


This box is very fun and I love the parachute.  You can easily tell what box is coming to you when this one shows up.

20160724_182153 20160724_182204

They make it look so inviting when you open the lid.  The burlap band just adds that little something to make it special.  Peeling back that you can see all your items to make whatever surprises there are this month.


The instruction sheet is very nicely done.  They show you completed images of the crafts on the cover and detailed step by step instructions inside.

20160724_182220 20160724_182318

The main craft this month is DIY Floating Candles.  They give you wax flakes, a decorative mold, citronella fragrance oil, wicks, and toothpicks.  You need to provide a bowl, oven mitt, cooking spray, and a spoon.  You melt the wax, add the oil, pour it into the mold and let them set, pop them out like ice cubes, and then put them in any holder that you can fill with water.  I’ve never made candles before so this is going to be fun!

20160724_182227 20160724_182408

The bonus craft is DIY Dinnerware Packets.  You get bags, stickers, paper straws, S&P packets, napkins, and a pencil and you supply the cutlery.  This would be so cute for a bbq or picnic.  I can’t believe they even give you the salt and pepper!

This month is wonderful.  I like the idea of making something that will be used instead of simply being decorative.  The crafts are not crazy complicated and still they look like they would be not tacky.  It doesn’t matter too much to me that they are encouraging recycling or upcycling but there isn’t a downside to that. However this month there is nothing that is actually fits either of those.   I don’t think that you can accurately value a box like this but it’s probably fair.  Having two months to make these up before another box arrives means I may actually get them done.


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