Beauteque BB Bag June 2016

The Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly subscription that sends you out 6-8 full sized products from make-up, skin care, beauty tools, body care, hair care, or lifestyle products.  It is Asian beauty products that are included and I love all the odd things they include.  They do offer a mask only bag as well that will send you 9-11 masks.  Bags start at $24 or $15 for the masks and do go down with longer plans. Shipping to here was $6.95/month.

20160718_142337 20160718_142351

This one ships in a large outer box.  Usually there is at least one thing that is too big to fit into the bag so they pop it in the box and ship it out.

20160718_142405 20160718_142416

The theme for this month is Dessert For Your Skin.  The card lists all your items, including both if there was variable items sent out.  It also gives you the value of the items and the English instructions on how to use them.  A few of the products might have English on them but most do not.


I really like the bag this month!  It is a canvas bag and the bottom is covered in vinyl. It also is lined on the inside.  It’s bright and summery and bigger then your standard makeup bag.


Beauty Blending Sponge-$9.00

I have an actual Beauty Blender one of these but they get grungy after awhile, even if you clean them so I’m glad to get another one.  It is a bit more pointy then the one I have so it might be easier to get into corners and blend it out.


Skinfood Black Sugar Mask-$11.99

This looks kinda gross but it smells fantastic!  I find it odd that it has the scrubby texture of sugar but it’s a mask.  It uses minerals, vitamins, and glycolic acid to clean your pores and brighten skin.  You rub it on and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing.

20160718_142611 20160718_142622

Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm-$10.00

This cute little container has quite a lot of lip balm in it.  I can’t tell what scent it is but it smells nice and it not strong.  It makes my lips feel nice and soft.  I have seen these in much smaller packs and I’m glad to get one that has enough room to get my finger in there and not make a mess.  There were varying styles of this sent out.


Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask in Honey-$4.00

This hair mask is used in place of conditioner.  It is for colour-treated, bleached, or permed hair.  Luckily I qualify for one of those.  It promises to nourish hair weakened by treating and smooth out the hair scales.  Worth a try.

20160718_142527 20160718_142543

The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream-$12.00

I freaking love the fact that these types of things are normal to a group of people. I mean, how cute and great is this???  Now if only I had received any scent besides banana.  Who on earth would want to smell like a banana?  The lotion itself is nice, not greasy and absorbing quickly.


Yadah Silky Fit Concealer BB Sensitive Skin-$22.00

We were supposed to receive  Holika Holika Cover Hiding Concealer No.2 but they had some shipping issues and the boxes went out late.. To make up for this they upgraded everyone’s item to this one.  This has two parts to it, the top is a solid concealer and in the tube is the BB cream.  Both are of a good shade for my skin and give a nice even finish.  I would have been happy with either item but one can not really have too much BB cream on hand.


My fourth continues the awesomeness of the rest..  This month’s value is $68.99, which is fabulous.  I’ve had a bit of regret with a few boxes lately but this one is not one of those! As I noted last month,  I have already seen all the spoilers for next month because they send them out, which I don’t care for.  I want to be surprised and usually avoid the spoilers from other people so it’s frustrating to get the emails.  I choose to delete them without opening.


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