NextSock July 2016

NextSock is a monthly subscription that sends you out completely random socks.  You can choose between mens or womens and you get two pairs each month for $20.00.  I picked this one up on a Groupon and got a three month plan for $30.00, which is half price.  There is $4.00 shipping to Canada but that’s not so bad.  One of my other sock plans has ended so I thought this would be a good way to stock up for the summer.

20160721_174307 20160721_174330

This months socks are slightly less bold then last month but I still like both pairs.  The ones on the left are an argyle look but some of the squares are hearts instead.  The other pair just have random stripes in four colours.  They are not crazy but they still are not normal so I’m okay with it.  As with last month, there is no other things in the bag to tell you what you received or ever who it was from.

I’m a little less happy with my second month since I always want extra crazy styles and colours.  However there is nothing wrong with these and I’m sure for most people they are great.  I think that if I’d paid full price I’d feel maybe a bit ripped off.  $10.00 a pair is way more than I’d normally pay.  However since I got these on a deal I’m okay with $5.00 each.  They shipped pretty quickly and besides not knowing what was in it arrived fine.  This Groupon is still on so if you fancy some new socks make sure you go grab it!

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