Teruffic Box June 2016

Teruffic Box is a monthly box for dogs that sends out toys, treats, and bones.  They do give a portion of their proceeds to no-kill shelters, which is nice.  They have seven box options to choose from, ranging from Puppy, Heavy Chewer, Toy, or Multipup.  They start at $27.00 and go up to $33.00.  Shipping to Canada is $5.00 a box.  Once you pick a box you get to choose from 5 dog sizes as well.  You then get 3 treat type options, birthday options, and then you choose your plan length.  I picked up a 6-month plan off Groupon so while I hadn’t been planning on getting the dogs another box at this point, it was worth it.  They are going through some site changes right now but if you sign up everything should be fine.

20160624_174840 20160624_174849

This box was shipped via FedEx and my box was opened by Customs.  I cannot imagine why but it makes it only the second box I’ve ever received to have that privilege.  They packed everything in cute paw print tissue.  I could see lots of fun things inside and Archie was very interested to see what this was.  There was not an info card with this one.

20160624_174858 20160624_174904

First out of the box was this card with a dog tag on it. It has a number on it that someone can call if they find your dog and then they will call you.  This is valid for as long as you have a subscription with them.


Kong Dinosaur Squeaker x 2

These are great for Archie because they have no stuffing in them.  He still wants to eat them but since there is nothing to pull out he just loves on them.  He sucks on a part of them and can happily pass a while comforting himself that way.  They have two squeakers each in them but not the small ones that are in most toys.


DogsWell Happy Hips Lamb Strips

These wellness treats are made with lamb.  They have no grains, gluten, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.  They do have glucosamine and chondroitin to help with hips and joints.  So far we’ve been lucky enough to not have any issues with Archie’s joints but he is a large dog of a breed that can have problems so if these can be tasty and give him a bit of good stuff that’s okay.


Rawhide Bone

Archie loves these but since they go through him rather quickly he only gets them once in awhile.  This will last about 2 minutes and he will be stoked.

So far this box looks like it will be great.  The toys are made for the large dog and he hasn’t been able to destroy them.  The treats are appropriately sized, whuch hasn’t always been the case with other dog boxes.  You can really tell that they put effort into making this box just for you.  I’ve had to contact them twice, just to minor billing questions and both times the online chat got me set up in just a few minutes.  They are a new company and I think they will only get better.



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